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Dirty Smears? Fix 4 Common Wiper Problems For A Cleaner Windshield

Have you experienced a day when your wipers have let you down on times you needed it the most? For example, on the day when you were late for work, but had to get out of the car to manually clean the mist off of your windshield, because your wipers decided to create smudges. Or the time it was raining and they just left you stranded and wet. A clear view is essential for a safe drive, to and from a destination. Windshield may be accustomed to dirt and dust from the environment, but your car may be causing self-harm due to wiper dysfunction. Here are some easy fixes for common wiper troubles.

Water Smear In Both Directions

Wear and tear to the wiper blades and excessive dirt on the windshield can cause the water smears in both directions. This problem is worsened when car owners use low quality wiper fluids. There are two probable solutions to this problem, replace of wiper blades or a thorough clean-up of blades and windshield. In order to clean wiper blades properly, use a clean cloth soaked in soapy water. Apply rubbing alcohol after you have cleaned the blades with soap water. This will prevent smear and streaks to form on your windshield.

Water Smears In Single Direction

The size of the wipers plays an important role in dispersing water in correct direction. If your car is installed with a small wiper, you will experience water smears in one direction. In addition to wrong size, this problem may also be a result of wear and tear or hardening of the wiper blade. You can get a blade or complete wiper replacement to solve this problem. Keep in mind that water naturally takes a single direction in low temperature areas, so experiencing this problem in winter is completely natural.

Accumulation Of Water Beads

Water beads are supposed to slide off the glass surface, but if they start cluttering your windshield, there is a problem with the water concentration. Rain drops in highly polluted areas are full of residue, oil, grime, and dust, that stick to the glass and leaves water marks. Clean up water build up caused by rain or mist, then get your windshield treated with water repellent.

Sound Of Chatter

Dust, dirt, and debris might get accumulated in the wiper blade which can hinder their performance. Apart from the noise pollution, dirt accumulation can cause streaks across the auto glass surface. Clean your blades with soap and rubbing alcohol, if this does not solve your problem, then your wipers may need adjustments. Over time, and with excessive use, wiper arms may bend. The wiper blades should make complete contact with the glass surface. Manually move the wiper to the windshield to determine gaps between the blade and glass surface. If you find a gap, gently bend the wiper’s arm to the right angle.
Lastly, you can experience the chattering noise due to the blades being frozen. Defrost the wiper to free yourself of constant chattering. Have your wipers caused damage beyond repair to your windshield? No need to stress AAR Auto Glass provides mobile auto glass repair services in Houston, and can also replace your windshield within 30 minutes. To avail our lifetime warranted services, call (832)303-0318.

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