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Sunroof Maintenance 101: How to Take Care of Your Sunroof

Most people splurge on a sunroof when buying a car so they can cash in the investment on sunny days. However, if you don’t adequately maintain the sunroof, it can quickly turn into a nightmare. You’ll likely find yourself dealing with rusted edges and leaks if you don’t clean and take care of your sunroof regularly. Neglect ruins the sunroof and the headliner—at the same time, it also lowers the resale value of your car. To prevent these problems from escalating, follow these maintenance tips to keep your sunroof in top shape.

1. Vacuum and Wash

A quick wash is good enough on a routine basis. However, to ensure long-term functionality, you’ll have to deep clean the sunroof.
  • Start by vacuuming the sunroof to get rid of any dust and debris.
  • Use an automotive cleaner to wash all visible areas of the sunroof. Avoid cleaners, with as they can damage the rubber seal and aren’t safe for passengers.
  • For hard to reach spots, such as the slides and track, use a toothbrush.

2. Lubricate All the Moving Parts

Lubricate all the moving parts in the sunroof using heat-resistant grease, such as white lithium. A few drops should be enough to ensure the track and gears are adequately greased.

3. Schedule an Annual Detail

As a preventative option, schedule an annual detail to ensure all the sunroof’s parts are functioning properly. If you live in a dusty area or use your car often, consider detailing it more frequently. After cleaning the sunroof as explained above, you’ll need to clear the sunroof trough by blowing low-pressure air through the drain tubes. Then, run a long, sturdy wire into the tubes and twist continuously to get any dirt out of the tubes. Once done, close the roof and it clean with water.

4. Get Necessary Repairs

If you find your sunroof leaking, seizing, or making unexpected noises, it’s best to get it checked by an auto glass expert. Try not to delay this, as it can lead to costlier repairs. Leaks, in particular, can wreak havoc in your car, causing moisture buildup and mold.  

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