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Windshield Repair

3 New Advancements in Windshield Technology

Your windshield is one of the most integral aspects of your car. Not only does it add structure to it, but it also protects you from flying debris and serious injuries in case of a road accident. From its humble beginnings to the modern-day version of it, windshields have undergone many technological advancements.  Though they were initially sold as an added component to a vehicle, they have now become necessary components no car manufacturer sells a vehicle without. In the year 1904, the first windshields were placed on cars, and gradually by the year 1934, the curved windshield was invented too.  Since then, they have undergone more progress and are now available in numerous variations. Below, we will discuss some new advancements in windshield technology:

1. Panoramic windshields

These have become increasingly popular, and are highly demanded by car owners. Considered to be the biggest all-glass windshield in the market today, it spans an area of 31 square feet. It was mainly designed to allow drivers to see the view outside of the car fully, and to let natural sunlight enter the car and illuminate it. Moreover, they also come with solar tinting, which automatically darkens the glass when the sun rays are stronger.

2. Smart car glass

This kind of auto glass allows the driver to control the amount of light that enters the car with the simple touch of a button. The driver can adjust the tint in the car’s windshield accordingly and get the perfect amount of sunlight reflecting in the car. Visibility also greatly improves with this kind of glass, making driving a lot safer. Tinting also diminishes the need to switch on the air conditioner as it controls the temperature in the car and can be seen as a valuable energy-saver.

3. Heated front windshields

These unique windshields can defog and defrost a lot faster than standard windshield types and are ideal for those living in colder climates. They allow for safe driving in severe weather conditions and don’t alter the driver’s view. Moreover, you’ll also end up saving energy (and money) because you won’t need to switch on the heater to defog or defrost your windshield!             Got a crack you can’t fix? We offer the best windshield repair in Houston, and our services are extremely affordable. We are also approved by all major insurance companies and offer a lifetime warranty on our work! Call now at 832-303-0318!

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