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Customer warranty information and disclosure


All auto glass replacement workmanship is guaranteed for the life of the vehicle, which includes and covers wind noise, water leaks, and loose trim pieces. Exclusions include problems which occur as a result of auto collision, damage, or rust deterioration. Warranty coverage is Lifetime (except when ownership changes).

Limitations and Exclusions

This warranty expires with change of ownership of this vehicle. Once ownership changes, then in no event shall AAR Auto Glass be liable for incidental or consequential damages.

Customer Responsibilities

Curing time varies depending on weather conditions.

Therefore we strongly recommend that this vehicle not be driven or driven as little as possible during the first twenty-four hours

If we have applied tape to your vehicle, it should remain in place for at least twenty-four hours. Leave a window rolled down about one inch, do not slam the door, and do not run through high pressure car wash for at least twenty-four hours.

AAR Auto Glass guarantees its installed windshields against stress cracks for 90 days and against any other defect until ownership of the vehicle changes. Aftermarket antennas and devices are not guaranteed

Important Notice: ADAS Driver Safety System Calibration

The customer acknowledges that certain windshields replaced by AAR Auto Glass may contain sensors for items such as lane departure warning system, lane keep assist, forward collision alert, collision assist, smart city brake, or any other sensor which controls the movement of the vehicle. AAR Auto Glass has given the customer notice that the original equipment manufacturer may require the windshield sensor to be recalibrated or programmed after it is transferred from the broken windshield to a new windshield.

AAR Auto Glass does not warrant or guarantee the proper function of any windshield sensor that was removed from a broken windshield.

The customer further acknowledges that it will be the customer’s sole responsibility and expense to confirm the proper operation of the windshield sensor, or to recalibrate or reprogram any malfunctioning sensor that was removed from the customer’s broken windshield.

Rock Chip Repair Disclaimer

Rock chip repair is not a cosmetic repair; you may still see where the chip is located once the repair is complete. After the completed repair you have a lifetime warranty that the chip will not spread from the original repair location. If the repaired rock chip should spread, we will apply what was paid for the rock chip repair towards a full windshield replacement of the windshield with our company. The sole purpose of a professional windshield repair is to restore the structural integrity of the glass. It is important to know the appearance after a windshield is repaired is not an indicator of whether or not the repair was successful. Since we are working with a glass that is already broken, during the repair, there is always a possibility that as the technician is pushing the resin (glue) into the chip that the chip could spread. If that should happen, we will not charge you or your insurance for the attempt but we cannot guarantee the windshield.

Responsible Notice

ATTENTION CUSTOMER: You are being notified in accordance to the MOTOR VEHICLE LAWS SECTION 70.001- 70.008 that your vehicle may be subject to REPOSSESSION for RETURNED CHECKS such as INSUFFICIENT FUNDS, ACCOUNT CLOSED, STOP PAYMENT, OR STOLEN CHECKS. This also applies to CREDIT CARD STOP PAYMENTS. You will also be liable for the cost of any repossession fees or other incurred expenses.

Payment Disclosure

We accept cash, insurance referrals, all major debit and credit cards, and all major digital payment methods. NO personal checks, NO money orders, & NO cashier's checks are accepted.

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