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Windshield Repair

4 Signs Your Car’s Windshield is Beyond Repair

There was once a time when windshield repair was unheard of. A cracked windshield could only be replaced with a new one. However, with improved technology and new research, repairs for minor damages to your car’s windshield are possible. Windshield repair saves you money but a replacement is always advised as a better—and much safer—option.

There are instances where a replacement is the only way to go. Here are 5 signs your car’s windshield is beyond repair.

Impact by a Large Object

If your windshield was hit by a large object or your car had a major crash, you should replace the whole glass without even considering repair. The frame and the glass itself could be weakened, making it vulnerable to collapse in the future.

Holes in the Windscreen

If an accident or impact by any object has caused hole in your windshield, know that the whole thing needs to be replaced. Holes compromise the integrity of the glass and make it highly susceptible to collapse.

The Extent of Cracks and Chips

Many believe that a chip smaller than the size of a quarter and a crack longer than 3-inches is beyond repair. Cracks more than 3-inches long are called ‘running cracks’ as they tend to spread by the day. Running cracks compromise the glass and demand replacement.

Cracks usually get worse and spread over time, so it’s advised to get it changed as soon as possible.

The Color of the Windshield Post-Repair

A reasonable repair restores the original transparency of the glass. If you see that the repaired part of the glass has darkened, you should realize that you need replacement lest it affects visibility and impairs your vision. You don’t want to take that kind of a risk!

It’s Necessary!

Don’t insist on repair or use any DIY tricks to keep your windshield intact. Having a perfect windshield is necessary for safe driving. Drivers have to make split-second decisions while driving and having a not-so-perfect windshield can affect those decisions adversely. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry.


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