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‘6’ Things to Keep in Mind When Planning a Successful Winter Road Trip

68% of American families go on road trips when they travel. With winters already here and the holiday season about to arrive, you and your family are likely planning for a winter road trip across the country on into a neighboring country too. Road trips in winters can be tricky, and a lack of planning might cause the trip to stop in the middle. This is because of the weather and its uncertainty. So, before you go ahead on a winter road trip with your family, keep these things in mind.

Route Planning

When planning a family road trip, having a concrete plan is absolutely necessary, especially if you’re traveling with kids. A well-planned route would be one that has closely linked destinations so that the traveling distance each day isn’t too much. By doing so, you’re giving yourself the time to enjoy each day on the road. With that, in the unlikely case of any emergency, you’ll be close enough to a population center to get the required help. Take your time planning the route to and from your destination and make it as comfortable as you can.

Give Time

A great tip for you before leaving for your winter road trip is to give some time and patience to the whole trip and your time on the road. You see, roads and highways are a bit slower during winters, 5–10% to be exact, as estimated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This means more traffic and a longer time to reach your destination. Having patience and time at hand is always useful in such situations, especially when you’re bringing kids along, who aren’t very patient.

Check the Roads before Leaving

It’s very important to understand that the winter weather is very unpredictable and snow on the roads can cause road closure for a significant time. It’s always helpful in such situations if you check the Department of Transportation website before you leave, just to be sure. This is important because it’s likely that your favorite navigation app might not work or be accurate in these situations.

Emergency Kit

An emergency can happen at any time during the trip, so it’s advisable to prepare and bring a first aid kit with you. This is to help you in case of an emergency concerning you or anyone you might see on the road.

Snow Chains

The true magic of winter trips is in snow but driving in snow is not a magical experience. It’s very slippery, dangerous and difficult. Therefore, you should always put on snow tires and keep snow chains with you; on any slippery surface. A bit of practice before leaving is always helpful.

Check your Car

Before leaving, check that your car has the right oil levels and can be heated quickly in the intense cold. If it isn’t done with your car, you’re likely to be stuck as the vehicle might not even start in the cold weather. Ensure your car has a strong windshield that won’t get damaged from a small stone hitting it. If the windshield cracks, you’re putting yourself and your family in a lot of danger due to the cold weather and driving risks of a broken windshield. If you’re a resident of or need a windshield replacement in Houston, contact AAR Auto Glass. We provide windshield and car glass replacement services with our highly trained staff and a lifetime guarantee on our products. So, make sure your car is ready for your magical winter road trip.   Call us now or visit our website for a free estimate and get the best auto glass repair experience.      

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