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Windshield Replacement

FAQ: Can a Defective Windshield Wiper Increase the Chance of Road Accidents?

Did you know that harsh weather is one of the most significant reasons for car accidents in the US? According to the FHWA, 21% of total road accidents occur due to visibility impairment, inadequate maneuverability, traffic flow, and low vehicle stability while driving in stormy weather. Another leading cause of road accidents is malfunctioning windshield wipers; these are an integral safety feature of your vehicle, and their poor performance increases the chance of an accident. GM recalled more than 300,000 SUV vehicles after receiving complaints regarding the windshield wipers. In this blog, we address this FAQ in detail and provide you additional information about road accidents caused by defective wipers.

Different Types of Windshield Wipers Defects

You probably don’t think about your windshield wipers when availing auto glass maintenance services. They may seem unimportant, but they offer a great deal of protection to you & your vehicle. The system has the wiper arm linked to the windshield base and a motor that maintains its functionality during rain. Faulty wipers reduce your visibility during rain and fog as they wipe the auto glass insufficiently. According to FHWA, nearly 50% of road accidents are caused due to poor visibility. Here are some of the major wiper defects and their identification techniques:

1. Improper Windshield Wipes

A bent or warped wiper frame affects the wiper’s performance. It also causes noisy vibrations when the wiper is operating. Insufficient spring tension that keeps the wiper tightly pressed against the windshield also reduces your visibility due to improper wiping.

2. Windshield Cracks

Windshield chips and cracks increase the likelihood of malfunctioning blades significantly. The abrasion, temperature, UV rays, road salt, and acid rain associated with fatigue demote the wiper’s functionality and efficiency.

3. A Broken Wiper Motor

A wiper tends to break, crack, or move slower if the motor is not operating at its full capacity. Settled debris is a leading cause of failed motors. A blown motor fuse completely stops the wiper blade’s movement, making it extremely hazardous in harsh weather conditions.

4. Deterioration of Wiper Rubber

Note any cracked or split rubber, gouge, or discoloration on the wiper blade’s surface by running your finger along the blade. It’ll also help you identify brittle or ragged rubber edges.

Windshield Wiper Care & Maintenance Tips

The best practices to boost your windshield wiper’s efficiency and functionality include:
  • Parking your car under shades or covering it during stormy weather.
  • Cleaning the windshield after a fuel refill.
  • Regularly removing the dirt and grime from the rubber lining of blades.
  • Never using the wipers to wipe the frost off your windshield.
  • Detaching the wiper during snowfall to prevent them from adhering to the auto glass due to ice accumulation.

Dealing with a Defected Windshield Wiper?

Ask the technicians at AAR Autoglass about your options and their service techniques to ensure your auto windshield and wiper’s maximum potency. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of windshield repair and replacement services in Houston, TX. Learn more about our services here.  

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