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Windshield Repair

Let the Pros Handle It: Signs That Your Windshield Needs Repair

Your car’s windshield needs to be clear, sturdy and free from any defects to ensure a safe drive. Driving around with a shattered, cracked or chipped windshield can be extremely dangerous for the driver and the passengers.

It’s imperative to have a properly functioning windshield to avoid accidents. These signs indicate that you need a windshield replacement.

White Edges

The windshield glass is made up of a layer of PVB or Poly Vinyl Butral. It prevents your windshield from shattering into a million pieces. Upon collision, the glass breaks into round, chunks with blunt edges, preventing you from getting cut by the sharp glass pieces.

If you see white haze forming on the edges of the windscreen, it means the PVB layer has started to come off. This is the right time to get your windshield replaced before it causes more trouble.



Rocks, debris and gravel hitting your windshield at high-speed cause pits to develop on it. If you drive on the highway frequently, then you must have seen tiny specs on your windscreen.

These tiny pits may not seem like a big problem but they can severely hinder your view while driving. During day time, when sunlight is directly hitting your windshield, these pits reflect the sunrays and create glare. This becomes very dangerous as the glare messes with your focus and vision.

If you notice small pits in your windshield, then it’s time to get it repaired.

Missing Pieces

Some car owners try to fix small chips and cracks in the windshield with tape or tarp. What they don’t realize is that not only does the windshield protect them from incoming objects on the road, but also provides structural support to the car frame.

Not getting it replaced or repaired promptly can cause the frame of the car to sag. This leads to glass alignment problems when you go for windshield replacement in the future.

It doesn’t really matter how small the crack, chip or discoloration is on the windshield. When it comes to driving, you need to make split-second decisions. You could mistake the chip or pit in the windscreen as another vehicle, or the cracks can create blind spots. Even the smallest of pits can hinder your vision, increasing the chance of a serious car crash.


AAR Auto Glass offers all kinds of windshield repair and replacement services in Houston. Just give us a call at (832) 303-0318, and our experts will be there in no time!

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