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OEM vs. Aftermarket Windshield Glass – Which is Better?

Do you want to get your windshield replaced? The first decision you may make is choosing between an OEM and aftermarket windshield glass. Ultimately, the choice will depend on the one which offers good value for the price you’re willing to pay. At AAR Auto Glass, we make this choice easier for you by providing free quotes for our services so that you can find quality windshield glass in Houston within your budget. Before you decide, let’s take a closer look at each option.

OEM Windshield Glass – A High-end Option For Drivers Who Want The Best

Pro: Superior Quality Windshields
OEM refers to the original equipment manufacturer. It is basically the glass produced by the car manufacturer at the factory assembly plant. Each glass is manufactured considering the specific requirements of the vehicle. In other words, it’s the same glass that came with the vehicle when it was first sold. This is why OEM windshield glass matches the original windshield in terms of durability, width, tint, and color. They fit flawlessly with the make of your automobile and provide a seamless finish.

Pro: Better Safety

The quality of the windshield glass is important for numerous reasons, the most important being safety. Did you know that a damaged windshield dramatically increases your chances of an accident? Houston sees approximately 184 automobile accidents daily, which means 7.6 accidents per hour! OEM windshields are highly resistant to cracks and damage in case of accidents.  

Con: Pricey Option

Due to their superior quality, OEM windshields tend to be pricier than aftermarket windshield glass. It is also important to consider that most insurances do not cover the cost of OEM windshields. Aftermarket Windshield Glass – A Cheaper Alternative For People On A Budget  

Pro: Affordable Windshield Option

Aftermarket windshield glass is manufactured by any glass company with no relationship with the original car dealer. In most cases, the aftermarket windshield glass is approximately forty to sixty times cheaper than OEM windshield glass. Thus, offering a budget-friendly alternative for car owners on a budget.  

Con: Lesser Quality Standards

As aftermarket windshields are made by a regular glass company, they might be less quality centric compared to original car dealers who make OEM windshields. It is due to this reason that they vary in proportion or width, providing a margin for attachments that may not work as properly.  

Which One Should You Choose?

There is no right or wrong option when choosing windshield glass. It all depends on individual preferences and budget. If you are very particular about the quality and look of your car, the OEM windshields are the perfect option. However, the aftermarket windshield glass is better suited if price plays a significant factor for you while choosing windshields and you’re not so particular about quality.  

AAR Auto Glass – Your Go-to Option For Windshield Glass Replacement Services

Whether you choose OEM or aftermarket windshield glass, AAR Auto Glass provides superior quality services when it comes to windshield repair or replacement in Houston. Contact us at (832) 303-0318 for more information, or click here for a quick quote.    

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