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Safety Tips

Road Safety Tips for Heavy Vehicle Drivers

According to the Greater Houston Partnership, automobile dealers sell almost 303,417 cars every 1.7 minutes—including trucks and SUVs. That being said, the rising number of fatalities that involve heavy motor vehicles shouldn’t be surprising. With the increasing number of heavy duty vehicles on the roads, it’s imperative that extra precautionary measures are taken to avoid rollover accidents and minimize unnecessary fatalities. Here are a few road safety tips that all heavy vehicle drivers need to observe:

Defensive Driving Tips

It’s essential to provide drivers with the best training possible to avoid road problems. Accidents can occur for innumerable reasons, including slippery roads, hasty motorcyclists, and unexpected turns. A driver should be aware of defensive tips for every kind of situation before getting behind the wheel of a heavy vehicle.

Pre-Trip Inspections

Whether it’s a passenger car or a commercial vehicle, pre-trip inspections are important for road safety. A quick check for water, oil, and fuel can mitigate a potential vehicular breakdown on the road. One other problem for heavy vehicle drivers is not being able to cross certain areas because of the height/width or weight of the load it’s carrying. Every driver should be cognizant of these factors before setting out.

Knowledge of the Roads

Heavy truck drivers need to know the route they’re going on well—down to every twist and turn on the road. Having adequate knowledge about road junctions will help them anticipate potential dangers before something happens. Experienced drivers can encourage this practice in inexperienced drivers by sharing information about routes and motorways.

Weather Reports

Weather conditions deeply affect driving practices across the US. It’s recommended to check the weather forecast before starting a trip to avoid problems like getting stuck in rain.

Being Well-Rested

Driving a heavy vehicle is exhausting. That’s why it’s necessary to get enough sleep before you head out. Even if you’re well-rested, a long journey on the highway in hot weather can drain you. Nothing is important than your life. So make sure to rest well before the start of the journey and stop whenever you feel that you’re tired.   If you do encounter an accident in the middle of the road, give us a call at 832-303-0318 and let the professionals deal with the damage. AAR Auto Glass provides 24-hour mobile repair services for auto glass repair and windshield replacements across Houston, TX.  

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