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A new windshield installed on a car
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Signs of a Poorly Installed Windshield

Having difficulty seeing clearly through your new windscreen? Is there more glare from the sun than usual? Or is the glass’ quality just isn’t what you expected? It might indicate your windshield isn’t properly installed. A properly placed windshield enhances driver sight and aids in reducing traffic accidents. Let’s take a look at some of the signs that indicate that your windshield is installed poorly.

Mistakes in Handling and Placement

A new windshield must be put into place by two people. The edges won’t be correctly aligned if only one technician tries to perform the task. Additionally, technicians should only handle the glass wearing gloves so that grease or fingerprint stains aren’t left on it.

Water Leaks from the Edges

Does water leak inside when you’re driving your car on a rainy day or after you get a car wash? Water leaks from the windscreen’s sides and edges are a sign of faulty glass installation as the sides aren’t properly sealed with glue and sealant.

Unusual Sounds When Driving at High Speed

Ever experienced unusual whooshing sounds when driving? This is because the windshield glass has been placed incorrectly, which allows the wind to enter through gaps in the edges.

In addition to reducing the strength and efficacy of the glass, the noise can distract you from the road and doesn’t do a good job of shielding you from the elements.

Examine the Glass for Glare

Examine the glass under bright light. The windshield glass must have a smooth finish. It shouldn’t cause excessive glare and bright lights shouldn’t look spread out from the driver’s end.

Rattling Sounds—Especially on Bumps

If you’re hearing a rattling sound that gets worse on bumps or speed breakers, it might be from your new windscreen, indicating it hasn’t been attached properly. A windscreen that hasn’t been sealed and fixed properly poses a danger to the driver and must be fixed immediately.

Putting glue to fix the new windshield glass

The Old Windshield Glue is Still Visible

The old windshield glue must be scraped off and removed for appropriate installation once a new windshield is installed in place of the old one. If it hasn’t been removed, you’ll need an expert to go in again to do remove the old glue.

If you’re experiencing any of the signs mentioned above, or just aren’t satisfied with your windshield installation, get it replaced by professionals at AAR Auto Glass. We are a professional glass repair company and auto windshield replacement service provider in Houston. Our auto glass repair specialists provide premium-quality services at affordable prices. Contact us now for further details or book a mobile auto glass service today.

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