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Windshield Replacement

When to know it’s Time to Replace Your Windshield

When dealing with windshield damage, choosing whether to go for a repair or a replacement is a crucial decision. While minor damage like small cracks and chips can be easily dealt with, in more complex cases, a complete replacement is required. When you face any of the following problems, know that a repair just won’t do.

Compromised View

A driver’s view through the windshield needs to be perfect, since they have to make split-second life and death decisions based on what they see. Cracks and chips can impede this view. So if repairs can’t restore the view fully, you should go for complete replacement.

Upcoming Inspection

Large cracks and chips can land you in hot water during a car inspection. Over time, they grow larger, and can even cause the windshield to shatter when they get big enough. Large chips and cracks are difficult to overcome with simple repairs and usually require a complete replacement. Better get one before the inspection and save yourself from a costly ticket.

Missing Pieces

Minor cracks and chips are not that big of a problem, but full missing pieces can cause serious problems. Drivers often use pieces of cloth and tape to cover such missing pieces. Other than obstructing the driver’s view, this can compromise the structural integrity of the car. Cars partly depend on the windshield to hold its original structure in place. If the windshield is not in one piece, this can disturb the structure and cause serious damage to the chassis.

White Edges

For the sake of safety, almost all modern windshields come coated with Poly Vinyl Brutal. This coating keeps the windshield from fragmenting into small pieces that would injure people in case of an accident. Instead, the windshield breaks into big rounded chunks that are unlikely to hurt anybody. However, this coating can wear off in due time. If you see white at the edges of your windshield, the coating has become ineffective and you need to replace the whole thing.


Cracks and chips are easy to notice since they’re clearly visible. This is not the case with pits. Pits are minute engravings on your windshield caused by flying debris, gravel and tiny rocks. They’re more noticeable in the morning or evening when direct sunlight hits the windshield. However, they’ll obstruct your view at any time of the day and can cause serious damage. Since there’s no repairing hundreds of minor pits, you need to get the windshield replaced.

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