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Windshield Replacement

Why Don’t Windshields Shatter Upon Impact?

Did you know that the first automobiles did not have windshields? When the first auto drivers realized the need for protection from flying dust, debris, and insects coming in through the space, a windshield was made from regular glass, commonly used in households. However, this became a common cause of death in automobile accidents. The shattered glass would cut people in collisions upon shattering, leading to deaths due to lacerations. It happened so frequently that the phrase “wearing a glass necklace” was coined to describe this incident and those who died this way.

The First Discovery That Led To The Creation Of Laminated Glass Windshields

Several attempts were made to improve the windshield glass design. Edouard Benedictus, a French chemist at the Ford Production Plant, was conducting experiments when he accidentally discovered a way to make safer windshields. An unclean glass beaker was put up for an experiment due to confusion in the lab. Later, Edouard himself accidentally knocked the beaker off the shelf. He discovered a cellulose material that kept the glass from flying all over and observed glass shards were held in place. And this is where it all began. The glass product was patented in 1905, and Benedictus and numerous parties contributed to perfecting this product. And it wasn’t used as safety glass in automobiles in Ford vehicles until 1928, paving the way for the future of safety being featured in automobiles.

What Keeps the Windshield from Shattering?

The secret ingredient that keeps the windshield from shattering upon impact is the thin layer of plastic, Ply Vinyl Butyrl. The plastic shield holds the glass layers together. The glass layers are heated and cooled to make them stronger, durable, and adhere better to the plastic layers that support the glass to stay in place upon impact. So, if a sharp object collides with the windshield,  it would crack. Instead of piercing shards, the glass is designed to stay in place, adhere to the inner layer. Some glass might shatter if the impact is significant enough, but most of it will stay in place. Due to its sturdy nature, the glass will form a “spider web,” but won’t shatter and fly into pieces. We believe that you should be able to protect your loved ones and yourself every time you drive. A damaged and cracked windshield can obscure your vision and be a driving hazard. Deadly accidents can occur if cracks and chips are not addressed in time. At AAR Auto Glass, we provide windshield repairs and windshield replacement services in Houston. You can always reach out to us anytime as we offer auto glass repair services round the clock to deal with any emergencies.  

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