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Auto Glass Repair

Auto Glass Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

When you’re buying a new car, you’re looking for features like mileage, fuel efficiency, seats, and engine power. You might even pay attention to whether or not the Bluetooth pairs your phone, but auto glass…

After all, what’s there to look in the auto glass. As long as it’s not broken, there’s nothing else to worry about. However, what we don’t know is that auto glass plays an important role in our vehicle’s performance and efficiency. Here are some facts about auto glass you probably didn’t know.


Laminated Windshields


As much as you have seen windshields shattering in movies, it doesn’t happen in real life. Windshields are manufactured from laminated glass, which means the glass layers are held together with a flexible membrane. Regardless of the windshield cracking in an event of a crash, the glass pieces don’t shatter and fly at the occupants. Instead, they’re held in place, thus ensuring the safety of the passengers.


Tempered Side Windows

The side windows of your vehicle are made from tempered glass. To understand the purpose of using tempered glass, it’s important to understand its manufacturing process. Tempered glass is manufactured by exposing glass to excessive heat, and then cooling it down rapidly. This rapid change of temperature arranges the molecules in a way that makes tempered glass relatively stronger than ordinary glass. When exposed to a crash, tempered glass shatters into hundreds of tiny fragments, that don’t pose any major threat for occupants.

Does it have you thinking, why not use laminated glass for your windows as well? While laminated glass is well known for its durability, it can’t be used for side windows as its strength can prevent an occupant from escaping in case of a fire, kidnapping, or submersion.


Auto Glass Offers UV Filtering

With the latest developments in technology, advanced features are being introduced in vehicles every day. One such feature includes UV resistant auto glass—these glasses prevent the occupants against solar radiations that aren’t only harmful for the skin but can also cause the vehicle’s upholstery and covers to fade.


Additional Windshield Features

While we’re talking about technological additions, let’s not forget the addition of night-vision cameras. These cameras use infrared vision to capture images in the dark and project them on your windshield, thus allowing you to see animals, bumps, and other hurdles that you may fail to notice in the dark.


Whether you’re looking for services to install tempered and laminated auto glass or just planning to have your windows tinted, AAR Auto Glass serves as your one-stop shop for all these services. We also provide 24 hour mobile repair services in Houston to help you get back on the road in no time!

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