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Got Waves In Your Glass? 6 Indication Of A Bad Windshield Installation

Waves look good when you are on the beach or at a football match, but when you have to deal with them on your windshield, it can be an eyesore. According to Texas Department of Transportation, impaired vision caused 1,417 car crashes in 2016. There are multiple factors that contribute to car crashes; your windshield visibility and installation is something under your control. Hence, keep it in top-condition to avoid any causality. Here are six signs that determine that your auto glass provider installed an incorrect windshield.

Look out For Water Leaks

If windshield is not installed properly, you will notice water leaking inside the car interior through the edges. Put your windshield installation through an ultimate leak test, by taking it to car wash.

Sound Of Wind

The purpose of windshield is to protect the driver from wind, heat, light, and moisture. If you hear the sounds of wind when driving your car at a high speed, then you have poorly installed auto glass. Before you go running to your auto glass repair service provider, check if you have a cracked or stuck window, contributing to the whooshing wind sound.

Wave In The Glass

Poor glass installation can cause wave and bumps in your windshield. Disorientation and incorrect angle of auto glass can damage glass orientation and driver’s view. The best way to determine this problem is by examining the glass in broad daylight. If the glass looks smooth, your installation is correct, but if you find any waves or imperfections, get it corrected immediately.

Frame Fitting

The windshield needs to perfectly sit in the car’s frame. If the auto glass protruding from the frame, your auto glass installer needs to reconsider the windshield’s size for your car.

Noise From The Windshield

A wrongly fitted windshield will make rattling noises, when your car hits any pothole or jerk. The noise indicates loosely fitted auto glass knocking the windshield’s frame.

Improper Removal Of Old Adhesive

You would have replaced your old windshield with a new one. When auto glass replacement services fail to provide proper disposal service, car owners experience leaks and cracks. This happens due to additional coating of adhesive material over the older layer. Adhesive material takes up space, leaving the glass out of proportion. Gaps between the adhesive material and glass expose the car’s interior with moisture, wind, and dust.

Need A Replacement?

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