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How to Repair a Windshield Rock Chip

Flying stones and pebbles don’t discriminate whether you drive an older Volkswagen Beetle or a brand new Ferrari. They can crack or chip your car’s windshield significantly when you’re speeding on highways. Amidst COVID 19 pandemic, people prefer traveling in their cars to maintain social distance and enjoy their holidays. But a windshield rock chip may agonize you and ruin your trip altogether. But don’t worry, here’s all you need to know about a windshield rock chip and its repair.

What’s a Windshield Rock Chip?

A windshield is a lamented glass material composed of a mixture of glass and plastic around 2 inches thick—a windshield rock chip cracks or nicks your windshield. It happens when other vehicles throw in pieces of debris or dumped trucks pass out some stones that strike your windshield while driving. The chipped windshield can be distracting and needs prompt action.

Can You Do It Yourself or Needs Professional Repair?

Once a flying stone hits your car windshield, you can’t overlook it. You need to stop your car and assess the size of the windshield chip. If it’s around an inch, you can handle it yourself. But if it’s about 3 inches or more in-depth, you shouldn’t risk it. It’s significant damage and might need windshield replacement. Contact mobile auto glass repair specialists instantly.

How to Handle a Windshield Repair Yourself?

In case of a minor rock chip, you can quickly repair your windshield by following these steps:

Cleaning and Removal of Shard Pieces

Use a microfiber towel to clean the impacted windshield. Add a glass cleaning spray or alcohol on the towel to enhance the cleaning effects. Then use needles or safety pins to pick the potential shards from the windshield carefully.

Seal and Resin Application

Apply the seal on the crack with the help of the resin, a specialized sticking material. Please make sure to place the seal in the crack’s middle. It’s advisable to use a syringe to fit in the position of the seal. Finally, use safety razors to scrape off resin remnants.

Download the windshield rock chip repair manual

Before going out for car travel, always download a windshield repair manual so that you can follow it step by step to avoid any inconvenience. The best practice is to keep a windshield chip repair kit in your car’s dashboard always. If the car’s windshield chip is large, and you’re unable to contact professional repair, stick a clear packing tape on the chipped area to prevent it from debris. On your way back, try to give the least pressure to your windshield to avoid any mishap.

Why AAR Auto Glass for Windshield Repair Services in Houston?

Are you looking for an expert windshield repair service in Houston? At AAR Auto Glass, we have professionals with over 30 years of auto glass repair and rock chip repair experience at affordable prices. We make sure to assist our clients and customers everyday anytime. You can contact us at (832) 303-0318 or Get your free estimate now.  

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