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The Latest Technology That’s Revolutionized Windshields

Technology has changed the world; from the introduction to the internet, smartphones, and smart cars, to the development of sensors and navigation systems. Technology has not only impacted the business and food industry with automated production processes, but it has also changed the way we drive and experience road safety. It has has brought about changes in the auto industry, from driverless cars to windscreen improvements. Let’s take an in-depth look at the latest windshield technology that has revolutionized the automotive industry and improved our experience on the road.

Safe & Smart: Display Projection

Also known as a Head Up Display (HUD), display projection for car windshields has widely been used in the past few years. Introduced back in the 1940s as aircraft technology, the display projection helped show fuel capacity and speed in front of the flyer. With the introduction of the internet and smartphones, more and more people are using GPS and mobile phones while driving. This distracted driving has caused a lot of road accidents costing many their lives. Display projection makes use of the smartphones to project the screen onto the windscreen. Proving a wealth of information, the HUD technology gives fuel readings, road maps, provides info on obstacle and roadblocks, weather safety info about possible fogs, rainfall, and snow. It also helps drivers use Bluetooth to text and call without moving their eyes from the road.

Tough & Tech-Savvy: Gorilla Glass

The gorilla glass technology has been a hit in the smartphone and auto industry. Pioneered from the famous Corning’s automotive segment, the gorilla glass provides clear and sturdy vehicle windscreens. Lightweight and hardwearing, gorilla glass doesn’t’ crack even with a 72mph hailstone shower. It helps improve fuel efficiency and lowers CO emissions which boost vehicle performance. Better than conventional glass, gorilla glass is compatible with HUD technology and provides a clear and sharp view.

Cunning & Cool: Silver-Embedded Glass

The silver-embedded glass provides a thermally flexible windshield option that helps keep the car cool in the sweltering summer heat and prevents it from turning into an ice box in the winters. A thin layer of silver is installed to windshield screens, which reflects the rays of the sun in summer seasons and electrically heats up in the cold and snowy winter months.

One-Way Bulletproof Glass

New technology has changed the game of bulletproof glass. Traditionally offering a bulletproof screen on both sides of the glass, new and improved bulletproof glass stops a bullet from entering from the outside, while allowing it to exit from the inside. The bulletproof windscreen is manufactured using glass combined with a polycarbonate layer on the inside. Any bullet attack hitting the windscreen cracks the glass from the outside and is stopped with the polycarbonate layer on the inside.

Tesla Armor Glass

The new Tesla armor glass can withstand an explosion without even cracking the windshield. Best for heavy duty and semi-trucks, the armor glass helps protect the large glass panes and saves costs of damage and repair.

Auto Windshield Replacement in Houston

Whether it’s a cracked windshield or broken glass, we take your safety seriously! At AAR Auto Glass, we prioritize driver safety with high-quality auto glass repair and auto windshield replacement. We offer affordable and premium quality services in the Houston area in Texas. If you can’t see the road clearly due to cracks and scratch marks on the windshield glass, contact us for our stellar mobile windshield replacement services available 24/7! For more information, call us at 832-303-0318 or email at

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