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Auto Glass Repair

Understanding The Different Types of Auto Glass

It is important for you to recognize that the auto glass used in your car differs greatly from other types of window glass. The glass used in your car’s windshield is stronger in nature, unlike the one used for its windows. Your entire vehicle comprises of different types of auto glass that include but are not limited to, back and front windshield auto glass, vent glass, and side windows. There exist two main types of auto glass—laminated and tempered. The vehicles manufactured today consist of one of the either. Below we will discuss the different types of auto glass:

Laminated auto glass

Laminated glass dates back to the 1920s. It was invented by adjoining two glass sheets with a polyvinyl butyral film between them. The ‘lamination process’ is basically completed when sufficient exposure to heat binds the two glass sheets together. When a car’s windshield is made from laminated glass, it can bear extreme weather conditions and road debris and doesn’t shatter easily. It only tends to break in severe circumstances where the windshield is hit directly with strong force. As the glass is strengthened, it prevents hazardous injuries and provides optimal safety to passengers. Many shop owners today also use laminated glass as it prevents potential burglars from breaking in.

Tempered glass

Auto glass made from tempered glass is carefully treated by sufficient heat exposure followed by a speedy cooling process. In case of accidents, tempered glass shatters into countless small pieces instead of larger ones. These pieces tend to not have any sharp edges and do not cause harmful injuries. Unlike laminated glass, that can be easily repaired when chipped or cracked, tempered glass needs to be replaced when it breaks. This is where a reliable windshield replacement company comes in! Tempered glass is usually applied to windows on vehicles, and it has several uses outside of the automobile industry as well. It is widely used for numerous cooking and baking products, phone screens, and even a range of sunglasses.   Looking for a reliable auto glass replacement service? AAR Auto Glass provides efficient auto glass repair and replacement services in Houston. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry. We also provide mobile windshield replacements and window tint services. To book, call now at (832) 303-0318!  

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