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Windshield Replacement

3 Tips To Know To Avoid Damaging Your Windshield

Car windshields shield you and other passengers from flying debris. They also provide primary protection during serious car accidents. They can absorb the force of the collision, which reduces the risk of passenger injury.

Apart from windshield damages due to accidents, they can also crack or chip without proper care. In cases like these, it’s best to get your windshield repaired or replaced if need be. Knowing about how your windshield can be damaged is the first step to protecting them. Here are some helpful tips for you to avoid windshield damage.

Protect Your Car From The Sun

Windshield cracks can occur due to long exposure to direct sunlight. They are made up of a specialized type of glass. When exposed to heat, the glass expands. As windshields fit in a limited space, they tend to crack due to stress buildup from expansion.

The windshield also cracks due to lengthy UV ray exposure. The rays from the sun react with the resin inside the windshield and make it brittle. This causes the windshield to lose its flexibility. Keep your car out of the sun by parking under a shade or inside a garage.

Don’t Drive Your Car Too Fast

Driving at high speed puts your windshield at risk of damage. The windshields have to handle the full force of flying objects and debris that get in the way of the car. High speed tends to increase the force of the debris as it hits, which increases the chances of cracking your windshield.

Weather conditions can also play a role in chipping your screen. Rain, snow, and wind increase the chances of damaging your windshield. The best way to keep it protected while driving is to stay within the speed limits.

Keep Windshield Safe From Harsh Chemicals And Materials.

Driving can make your windshield dirty. It’s best to clean it regularly. Before cleaning, make sure to use safe cleaning equipment for your windshield. Most glass cleaners are ammonia-based. When applied to glass, it leaves behind streaks. This can be an issue for drivers as it can obstruct the front view.

You shouldn’t also use abrasive material on windshields as it can leave scratches. Try using softer materials and chemicals to clean the windshield of your car.

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