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A car with a cracked windshield

4 Reasons You Should Never Try Repairing Your Windshield

Windshields can easily get damaged by small impacts, like flying debris or stones. If your windshield does have a crack or a chip, it’s best to get it repaired or replaced because it’s dangerous to drive with a broken windshield. Only a professional should replace or repair a windshield. Let’s take a look at why you should avoid repairing your windshield at home.

1. Risk of Voiding Warranty

If you botch your home windshield repair job, you may void the vehicle warranty. Any further damage to the car or personal injury will no longer be covered under your insurance because the warranty of the car is void. When certified professionals, like the staff at AAR Auto Glass, repair windshields, they make sure they provide premium services without any mistakes, preserving the car’s warranty.

2. Irreparable Damage

If you make a mistake filling a crack or a chip on your windshield, the glass may turn opaque near that spot. These opaque spots are irreparable and you’ll have to get your windshield replaced, costing you more. People who repair their windshields at home often use resin from repair kits to fill in the cracks. This increases the risk of the windshield cracks widening or the windshield shattering completely.

3. No Premiums from Car Insurance Companies

Even if you successfully repair a windshield at home, a car company may refuse to lower your premium. This is because your windshield repair isn’t certified and is a liability for the company in case of an accident. When professionals repair windshields, your car insurance company may pay for the repair. Even if they don’t, they’ll offer you lower premiums because it’s less of a liability in case of a future crash. A newly installed windshield

4. Your Car’s Roof Can Collapse

Your windshield does much more than protect you from external elements while driving. It provides structural support to the car’s roof. If the windshield isn’t fixed at the right angle or isn’t strong enough due to the cracks, the roof of your car can collapse while driving or when you’re working on the repair. This results in damage to the car’s body, decreasing its value. These are some of the reasons why we recommend only getting your windshield repaired by professionals. If you’re looking for a windshield replacement company in Houston, AAR Auto Glass can help. We are a professional auto glass repair and windshield replacement service provider. Our team of specialists provides premium windshield installation services at market competitive rates. We also provide mobile auto glass services in case you can’t make it to our workshop. Contact our team for any questions or further information.

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