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Auto Glass Repair

7 Expert Tips for Beginners Auto Glass Technicians

Did you just get hired as an auto glass technician? Are you looking for expert tips and advice to achieve big time success? Then you’re in the right place. Getting started with a new profession is exciting and daunting at the same time. The road to success seems long, and a lot of hard work have to go into it before you master the skill. But if you’re well-prepared and geared with the right fundamental knowledge, it won’t be too difficult. The auto glass industry demands the right skills and attitude from newbies. As an auto glass technician, you’ll have to repair, replace, inspect, and maintain auto windshields, windows, wipers, etc. If you want to become a pro and impress your manager & customers, here’s all you need to know.

1. Have an Excellent Work Ethic

A good auto glass technician knows the value of maintaining an excellent work ethic. Values like discipline, hard work, honesty, and transparency are vital for standing out and increasing your chances of getting promoted—as well as getting bonuses. When you respect your profession, success is automatic!

2. Have Indispensable Communication Skills

As an auto glass mechanic, you’ll be communicating with customers, clients, and suppliers daily. The most important part of two-way communication is listening; here’s why:
  • Your good listening skills contribute to efficient and superior customer service.
  • Act like you’re a salesperson for your auto glass shop. This increases the chances of retaining existing customers and attracting new ones.
  • Incorporating technical jargon and making auto glass problems and solutions understandable to your customers will ensure they’re satisfied with your service.

3. Know Your Tools

Auto glass services involve using several tools and techniques, and having a good grasp on them helps you stand out. Learn and understand all the procedures, from windshield repair and replacement to waterproofing and window tinting services.

4. Follow All the Rules and Regulations

To become an expert in your field, be vigilant, and abide by all industry and workplace standards. You will develop sound mechanical skills and manual dexterity over time, but being a responsible employee should be your utmost priority from the first day.  

5. Improve Your Hand-Eye Coordination

When installing, repairing, or replacing auto glass, you have to be highly detail-oriented and offer undivided attention to the task. Hence, it’s imperative to have sharp hand-eye coordination to perform your job seamlessly.

6. Polish Your Skills and Get Certified

Don’t forget the importance of technical training & accreditation in the auto glass industry. Auto glass services companies in the US are required to have AGSC certification in their primary application criteria. Moreover, you should brush up your knowledge regarding OSHA regulations, ADAS systems, all types of auto glass repair and replacements, and ROLAGS standards.   The expert auto glass repair specialists at AAR Auto Glass offer professional auto glass services in Houston, Texas. Call us now at (832) 303-0318 to avail our 24/7emergency service.  

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