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Windshield Replacement

7 Types of Windshield Cracks You Should Address Immediately

The windshield of your car protects you from the strong breeze outside as well as rain, snow, dust, debris, etc. Cracks and chips tend to develop on windshields and car owners tend to ignore them. What many road users don’t know is that there are a number of windscreen cracks that can occur, some of which are more serious than others. Here are all the types of cracks that can develop on your windscreen:

Bull’s eye

Often, the pebbles and rocks on the road get dislodged and hit a vehicle’s windshield, resulting in a bull’s eye crack. This kind of crack affects the outer layer of glass. A chunk of the glass is removed due to the impact.

Edge crack

A typical edge crack is described as one that begins within 2’ of the edges of the automobile glass or touches the edge. This kind of crack often forms immediately and is around 10’ to 12’ long.


Smaller rocks and pebbles can cause the windshield to get shipped. A small part of the glass comes off as a result of the impact. A chip in a windshield makes it easier to develop more chips and even cracks.

Floater crack

A floater crack refers to one that basically doesn’t reach the edge of the windshield. It begins anywhere within the windscreen that’s not within 2’ of the edge.

Combination break

When multiple cracks happen to a windshield, it’s referred to as a combination break. This type of damage consists of chips and cracks.

Half moon

Half moon cracks are often caused by rocks or other hard objects. They are similar to the bull’s eye crack, except that it’s not particularly circular.

Stress crack

Stress cracks happen without any pressure being applied to the glass. It occurs due to a sudden and extreme change in temperature. A windshield expands in hot weather and contracts in cool weather, when the two happen constructively, a windshield can develop a stress crack. A common setting where such a crack tends to happen is when a car is overheating and the air conditioning in on. One side of the windshield is heating up while the other side is cooling down. Are you looking for a reliable company your cracked automobile windshield replaced? You’re at the right place! At AAR Auto Glass, we provide auto glass replacement and 24-hour auto glass repair services in the area. With over 30 years of experience, our experts can help you with your auto glass-related troubles. Call us at (832) 303-0318 for more information or to book a service.    

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