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Car Window Stuck Again? Here’s What You Can Do

Rolled down your car window to catch a breeze but can’t get it back up? The problem is more common than you might think.

An open car window is a safety risk as it increases the chances of theft and exposes your car to the elements. While it’s best to take your car to an expert immediately, that isn’t always possible.

That’s why we’ve outlined all the reasons why your windows might not work—followed by some quick hacks to get windows working temporarily without any special tools.


Why Won’t My Windows Roll Up?

Failing Motor

A window motor is most susceptible to failure and is usually the result of a stuck power window. The window regulator won’t work if the motor has failed or broken down.

Poor Window Regulators

If your window rolls up entirely but then falls back down, it’s a good indicator that the regulator has broken. Each car door has a separate window regulator, and that can fail, making it nearly impossible to fix without expert help.

Loose Switch

Over time, switches can become loose and worn out due to frequent use. To determine if the switch has broken, test all the window switches includes the master switch panel on the driver’s car door and the passenger doors.

Snow and Ice

Accumulated snow or ice can jam your power windows. When a power window gets stuck to the frame, it put pressure on the regulators, preventing them from functioning properly. If you live in a cold area, clean and de-ice your windows regularly to prevent stuck car windows.


How to Fix a Power Window?

Car troubles, including jammed windows, can pop up at any time. Before you take the car to an expert, try these easy fixes that might help get rid of the problem quickly—albeit temporarily.

Easy Fix #1

Hold the window switch in the ‘up’ position and turn on the ignition key while you do. If this doesn’t work, try to open the car door and slam the car door shut. Doing so might jumpstart the motor as it comes into contact with the armature. When the motor starts working, you’ll have a few seconds to get the window to roll up.

Keep pressing the window switch as you close the door to ensure you don’t waste any time. If it doesn’t work the first time around, try a couple more times.

Easy Fix #2

If the previous fix didn’t work, there is another hack you can try. Using your car’s guide, determine where the power window motor is located on the door. Then, while pulling the window switch, using a blunt object to hit the door panel lightly. (Note: Do not hit hard as it can damage the door panel)

Doing so, once again, may jar the motor and get it to work for a few seconds. If your window rolls up, you’re good to go temporarily. It’s best to get all the windows and related parts checked out by an expert as soon as possible.


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