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Getting Creative With Auto Glass—DIY Décor Ideas!

Glass can be easily recycled in many ways. It’s one of the few things that can be reused to create amazing décor. If the windows or windshield of your car shattered due to any reason, then, of course, the only solution is getting it replaced by a new one. But what will you do with the remains of the old windshield? Don’t worry, instead of disposing of the glass pieces you can put them to good use. But remember, when taking on these DIY décor ideas, to be super careful or you might hurt yourself.

Customized Vases

If you have a plain old vase you’re thinking of throwing out then this DIY décor idea is just for you. Take the shattered glass pieces and paint them individually with different colors. Glass paints are the best type of paints to achieve the desired effect. Color the vase with white or black spray paint and let it dry. Then stick the colored glass pieces on the vase in random order, with the help of a glue gun. With these few simple tips, you’ll have your very own customized vase ready. Placing some flowers in it will make it look even better.

Mosaic Frames

Another way you can put glass pieces to good use is by creating a mosaic frame with them. For this, you’ll need small glass pieces, acrylic paints, an old frame, and a glue gun. Paint the glass pieces with different acrylic colors. Vibrant colors will make the frame stand out more. Take the colored glass pieces and stick them to an old frame with a glue gun. You can use grout to fill in the gaps between the pieces. Make sure to embed the sharp glass edges to prevent getting any cuts while holding the frame.

Unique Initials 

Head out to a local hardware store and get a wooden letter of your choice. You can also get the initials of your first and last name. The wooden letter should be at least 10-inches tall with a flat front. Paint the wooden letter with an acrylic color of your choice. Wait for it to dry completely. Then, with the help of a glue gun, stick the glass bits on the front of the wooden letter in a mismatched pattern. This DIY décor will cost you less than $10. You can hang these initials on the wall of your room or decorate it on a shelf.   A broken windshield might cause you a lot of trouble but some creativity can turn it into unique and stylish décor for your home. We, at AAR Auto Glass, will take care of the replacement and repair of your auto glass while you let your creative juices flow. Give us a call at 832.303.0318 and our experts will handle the rest. Happy crafting!  

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