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Crack Repair

How Long Before You Have To Repair That Windshield Crack?

You’ve cracked your car’s windshield and now you’re thinking it’s no big deal; you can get a few more days out of it before you need to take it to the shop.

In addition to supporting a car’s roof, the windshield contributes considerably to a vehicle’s structural integrity. So, leaving a cracked windshield as it is, is a huge no-no.

Auto glass cracks are notorious for rarely staying the size they originally were. Even small-sized damage is liable to exacerbate into a massive problem for you.

If you’re driving around with a cracked windshield, or if you’re just curious to know, here’s how long you can keep your car in its current condition—not long.

Is Driving With A Cracked Windshield Safe?

The obvious answer is no.

There’s no reason you should delay getting your windshield repaired at the shop. If you’re in a tight spot and can’t hit your local dealer, AAR Auto Glass offers mobile windshield repair and replacement services. Our technicians will come to your location to get the problem fixed immediately.

There’s no standard to know how long you have before windshield repair services are needed. The urgency of your situation depends on factors like:

  • Location and Size of the Damage—while laws regarding the injury are different in each state, Texan automobile lawcan get you fined if the damage is situated in the driver’s line of sight. If the crack is more than 3 inches in length, forget about driving that car until you get a complete windshield replacement service.
  • Driving Stress—if you know you’ll be driving to work every day with that cracked windshield, an immediate repair is in need. Force from speed tables, potholes and bumpy roads rattle your windshield, putting additional stress on the crack. There is no way of controlling the damage from spreading to other parts of the auto glass.

Get Windshield Repair at AAR Auto Glass

Timely repair is the only way of ensuring your safety on the road is not compromised.

We provide comprehensive mobile windshield repair and replacement in Houston, TX at affordable rates. In addition to cost savings, repair services maintain the original quality of the factory fitting.

So don’t put off repairing that cracked auto glass any longer.

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