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Safety Tips

How to Avoid Car Accidents?

With 264 million registered vehicles and more than 222 million drivers, U.S. roads are flooded with traffic. But it’s not the traffic that’s the problem here, the problem is the number of road accidents associated with it! Statistics report a record-high number of accidents in Texas, with 3,722 fatalities—higher than any other state in the U.S. Don’t let minor driving negligence turn into a life-long regret. By following these driving safety tips, you can make sure you’re not compromising on the safety of your loved ones.

š Be Careful While Pulling into Traffic

Always pay extra attention while making a turn or pulling into a crowded roadway. This includes checking your blind spots and rear view mirrors. Look both ways before making a turn and slow down as vehicles can appear out of anywhere ;driving fast will only make it difficult for you to control your car.

š Pay Extra Attention to Blind Spots

Make sure that your side view and rearview mirrors are in the correct position before starting your vehicle. However, don’t just rely on your mirrors—always turn around to make sure you don’t end up pulling in front of other vehicles. Avoid driving in blind spots of other vehicles—trucks usually have a huge blind spot on their right side; a reason why driving next to them is extremely dangerous. If possible, change your vehicle’s position as soon as you can to get out of their blind spot.

š Limit Distractions

Distracted driving leads to around 9 fatalities and 1,000 injuries in the U.S. every day. Avoid texting or attending calls while driving. If it’s absolutely important, do it when your car is at a stop to avoid any risk. Pay attention to the road—your text messages can wait. The safety of your loved ones is too important to be compromised over a phone call or a text message!

š Try to Avoid Driving During the Night

We understand that it’s important to attend that party, or maybe there’s this new movie at that you need to watch. But if possible, limit driving as much as you can. If it’s absolutely necessary to drive at night, keep an eye for reckless drivers and stay extra careful while driving.

š Regular Maintenance of Your Vehicle

Routine maintenance of your vehicle plays a significant role in minimizing road accidents. Check for any visible signs of faults, or better yet, have a professional mechanic inspect your vehicle. Don’t drive with tires that have a risk of blowing out while driving. Keep track of your fuel consumption and pay extra attention to your brakes. That said, if an accident has damaged your auto glass, get in touch with AAR Auto Glass! We provide 24 hour services for auto glass repair and replacement. Whether it’s a broken windshield or you just want to replace your old one, we have you covered! Request a free quote today!

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