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Crack Repair

The Importance of Having THAT Windshield Crack Repaired Before Summer Comes

The winter weather in Texas is steadily enveloping towards a withdrawal. How long more to go? Probably, a month at best. Then we’ll have the short-lived joys of spring, soon after which, hopefully, the normal service would resume. We for one can’t wait for it. Maybe you too are eagerly awaiting the advent of summer, more eagerly than most previous years; 2017-2018 winters haven’t been favorable for us Texans at all. And so, you’ve got your summer plans already on a roll – readying and repairing your home’s air conditioning system, sitting with the family besides the fireplace and planning which place to visit this summer… But aren’t you forgetting something? [Hint: It’s something to do with your car’s windshield] THAT windshield crack! Yes, it’s small and appears harmless at the moment; you might not have any visibility issues either. But trust our judgement and knowledge – it’s something that you should get repaired as early as possible before summer dawns upon us. Because when the heat wave will eventually hit, it’s going to hit that crack on your windshield really hard. The windshield crack will only get bigger and larger, and what may now be possible to repair, may not be so if that crack worsens. If that were to happen, you’ll have to get your car’s windshield replaced. This means you’ll have to spend ‘significantly’ more in repairs.


But how do temperature fluctuations promote widening of windshield cracks?

  The explanation is simple. When the temperature goes up, your windshield glass will begin to heat up. Naturally, the molecules will expand as well. As they expand, you can expect the chip or crack in your windshield to expand too. This expansion process will happen slowly, but you can be rest assured that it will happen. Bit by bit, day by day, the crack on your windshield will turn into a large mess. That’s why we humbly advise you to not delay the repair of your windshield. However, we also understand that you may not be in the position to get your windshield repaired immediately. In that case, you won’t want the crack to spread either. So what can you do in the meantime?

Stopping the crack on your windshield from spreading…

  Here are a few tips that can provide you a temporary solution, but make sure you do not take them for granted; get your windshield repaired by a professional as soon as possible.
  1. You can seal the crack with the help of a nail polish or super glue to prevent it from spreading further
  2. You can cover the crack with a clear tape
  • Always park your car under a shade to avoid sun exposure
Need any further help or advice with regards to the crack on your windshield, and what to do about it? AAR Autoglass is one of the reliable  windshield replacement company in Houston. Feel free to reach out; our certified and experienced technicians will be happy to serve you.   Read more: Does your car insurance auto glass repair and replacement?

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