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Windshield Replacement

Long-Lasting Auto Glass Maintenance Tips

A car owner has to deal with an exhaustive list of repairs and maintenance chores every month. From the car’s engine to the interior and the exterior, every part requires regular attention from the owner. These expenses square up to heavy maintenance bills, which we consider part and parcel of owning a car. The last thing you need is to pay for auto glass repair every other month too. Instead of paying heavily for windshield maintenance regularly, you should take a proactive approach. The smart option is to maintain your auto glass in such a way that each repair or replacement lasts the longest and stays within your budget. Here are a few tips for long-lasting maintenance of your car.

Park smartly

The parking space you choose each day can determine your future windshield repair costs. The first thing you need to avoid is to park your car directly under the sun. Whether at home, at work, or anywhere else, always find shade for your car if it’s sunny outside and if you will be gone for a while. The UV rays from the sun can prove detrimental to your windshield’s durability. Additionally, when your windshield heats up and then cools down as you turn on the AC, the sudden change in temperature can cause the glass to crack. Aside from sunlight, there are many other probable causes of damage to a windshield when your car is parked out in the open. Choose your parking spots wisely if you want to protect your windshield from many other kinds of damage.

Protect it from the snow

It might seem harmless to let the snow pile up on your car’s windshield overnight, but over time, you will definitely have to pay for it in auto glass repair expenses. When you defrost your frozen windshield every morning in a hurry, you make it vulnerable to cracking and chipping. Protect your auto glass from the cold weather and save on maintenance costs down the line.

Use Premium quality cleaning agents

Using the wrong cleaning products, like household sponges or homemade cleaning agents can cause cracks and lines to appear on your windshield. Only use professional automobile cleaning products if you want your windshield to stay intact and strong for longer. Visit AAR Auto Glass and have all your windshield repair needs taken care of by professionals and save yourself from recurrent maintenance costs.  

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