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Tips to Prevent Cracked Windshield in Icy Weather

Have you ever been in a situation where you were getting late for work only to find out that your car’s windshield was covered in ice? Did you try to get it off using a hammer or maybe a vinegar solution? Did that work? The internet has much information on DIY hacks for icy windshields. Not all of these hacks are worth the effort and, when used, can cause a lot more damage to your vehicle’s windshield. Here are some internet ‘hacks’ to avoid.

Avoid Using Hot Water

Windshields covered in ice are brittle due to the extreme cold temperatures they’ve been subjected to. Pouring hot water over such windshields will lead to a sudden temperature change. Your car’s windshield will not be able to cope with it, and this will cause it to crack or, worse, shatter.

Have you ever wondered what happens to the hot water poured over an ice-caked windshield? It freezes at a much faster rate than cold water. Not only this, but the hot water and the melted ice can drip inside the various areas of your car and refreeze, causing more damage than before.

Avoid Using a Vinegar & Water Solution

This windshield de-icing hack continues to gain popularity every year, especially after the first snow when the car owners and drivers aren’t prepared to deal with the freezing temperatures. Some people say that you can de-ice your car’s windshield by mixing vinegar and water in the ratio of 2:1, while others say it’s 3:1. No matter the balance, it would be beneficial for you to trust us at AAR Auto Glass when we say that you should stay far away for this hack.

This hack doesn’t work at all, especially in situations where the windshield is already iced. Yes, it can work well to prevent a windshield from getting iced but not the other way around. Secondly, vinegar contains acid and should be avoided at all costs. It can damage your windshield further, making it susceptible to cracks.

Avoid Using a Hammer

Many car drivers try to chip away the ice using a hammer. While this hack might work wonders where a windshield isn’t involved, it’s pretty harmful as a de-icing method as it makes the auto glass vulnerable to chips. Using hammers can even cause the auto glass to crack from the impact as cold glass is brittle.

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