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Broken windshield of a car
Auto Glass Repair

When and Why Should You Replace Your Windshield?

Cracks and chips are bound to appear on your windshield from time to time. If you don’t take care of them on time, a tiny chip can continue to expand. Windshield repair or replacement can be an unfortunate burden that you can’t simply ignore. Read on to learn why and when you should change your car’s windshield. Broken windshield of a car

There are Chips and Cracks

The most common reason for windshield replacement is cracks and chips. Your windshield can crack when hit by road debris. If you’ve been in an accident, chances are your windshield was the first thing to shatter. Windshields may also crack because of rising temperatures. Some chips can be fixed with minor repairs, whereas others may not be easy to repair, requiring you to completely replace your windshield.

The Crack is on the Bad Spot

If the driver’s side of the windshield is damaged, chances are you will have to replace the whole glass. Repairs usually leave at least a few leftover marks; therefore, replacing the glass is a better option. If the crack on your windshield spans from one end to another, your car’s structural integrity can be at risk. This also means you should replace the windshield. A car’s windshield replacement

The Glass is Loose or Rattled

Loose or rattled glass is another sign you need to look out for. The most common reason for loose or rattled glass is accidents. The force experienced by a car in an accident can damage the seal that holds the windshield in place. A damaged seal can’t be replaced; hence it requires replacement. You’ll also have to replace the seal along with the auto glass to fix the issue.

The Glass is Pitted

The gravel, sand, road salt, and dirt can pelt your car’s windshield. They can cause tiny little indents, which can later turn into pitting. A pitting glass is more likely to crack, chip, or shatter and also interfere with your vision while driving. If your car’s windshield is heavily pitted, the best solution is to replace it. If you’re looking for affordable windshield replacement services in Houston, AAR Auto Glass has the right expertise to fix your auto glass problems. Here at AAR Auto Glass, we help customers with all of their auto glass repairs, including chips and cracks windshield repair. Contact us today for a free quote.

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