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Broken windshield in need of a replacement
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Windshield Repair – Distinguishing Myths and Facts

Broken windshield in need of a replacement
A windshield is far beyond just a sheet of glass. It’s among the most essential aspects of your car for keeping you and your passengers safe. It’s fair to assume that it contributes significantly to the car’s structural integrity. It is, nevertheless, prone to damage. Therefore, if your knowledge about them is limited, always reach out to reliable auto glass repair service providers and allow them to guide you. Following are some common myths about windshield replacement:

1. All the chips are identical

The assumption that almost all cracks on the windshield glass are similar is a frequent misconception among automobile owners. There are six distinct forms of chips that can impact your car’s windshield: bull’s eye, star break, combo break, etc. Each of these fissures expands differently. Hence, it’s imperative to get assistance from a professional.

2. Small chips are safe

Most people fail to realize that when a car’s windshield cracks, it weakens with time, making it extremely dangerous. If you leave it untreated, you’re putting your own life in danger. Hence, it’s best to replace it as quickly as possible.

3. Windshield replacement is expensive

While you have to pay to get your windshield fixed, it may not necessarily be as expensive as you think. Moreover, if your car is covered under insurance, you may not have to pay at all. You can reach out to your insurance provider to check if it can be covered under the policy. In some cases, they may not cover the cost entirely and may ask you to pay a small amount which will still not be that costly.

4. Any minor damage requires replacement

Not all damages caused to your windshield will require replacement. Sometimes, minor cracks can easily be fixed without changing the entire glass. Take your car to experts and let them assess the situation and advice you further. Timely repairing the cracks on the glass will prevent them from spreading and reduce your replacement cost.

5. You can fix them yourself

Some people think that they can easily fix their windshields themselves using a repair kit. However, they fail to understand that this is just a temporary solution that can cost them much more later. This is primarily because any fixtures done at home can worsen the problem later. It’s not only dangerous to fix them at home, but it may even lead to a complete replacement, which will be far more expensive than initially getting experts to fix the small cracks.
Autoglass repair services in Houston

Let AAR Auto Glass replace your windshields

If you see a crack in your windshield, instead of fixing it yourself, reach out to experts and let them do their jobs. We are an affordable windshield replacement company providing 24 hours auto glass repair to the residents of Houston. Contact us to get more information about our services.

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