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Windshield Repair

4 Interesting Facts about Your Car’s Windshield

Often ignored, a car’s windshield is mostly misjudged as a liability rather than an asset (which it really is, by the way). The windshield, in fact, is one of the most important components that complete your vehicle. Not only does it give the car a well-defined look, but it also protects you from rocks, debris, and what not.

Did you know that before introduction of the windshield in 1904, people wore goggles to protect their eyes from the wind and get a clear view of the road while driving? Let’s take a look at some more interesting facts about windshields that you probably didn’t know.

Windshields Were a Luxury Item  

While looking for cheap windshield replacement, bet you didn’t realize that in the early days, windshields were considered as optional accessories that only the rich could afford. Auto glass was so costly that they had to be prepared separately when ordered by wealthy car owners and fitted on their vehicles. They were thin rectangular glasses that could be folded away when not required.

Tinted Glasses Make Safer Windshields

Tinting the glass of your windshield enhances it endurance and increases the level of safety. It also prevents intense UV rays from causing damage to the vehicle in the long run. Chips and cracks in the windshield are easy to repair with tinted glass.

You can ask your trusted technician about auto glass window tint service in Houston.

Windshield Wipers Were Invented by a Woman

In 1903, Mary Anderson invented a unique “window cleaning device” which we now know as windshield wipers. Having trouble keeping the windows clean during the harsh cold weather in New York, this American inventor patented the first ever wiper blades.

Windscreen Repair Technology Is At Its Peak

Recent technology has made repairing auto glass a lot easier than it used to be the early 90s. Now, a foot-long crack can be repaired using rock chip technology rather than having to replace the windshield all together, saving you hundreds of dollars.

So you see, your car’s windshield has a rich history and many interesting facets that you never thought about before. The next time you find yourself cleaning snow off your windshield, try to appreciate all the benefits it brings to you and your car.

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