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These Car Maintenance Tips Will Make You a Better Man

Advertising tells us that all we need to keep our car looking brand new is keep the tank full, check the tire pressure and sprinkle fairy dust on the paint. But, we know all too well. Or do we now? You may have wondered how Uncle Frank’s 800,000-mile, 1984 Datsun is still going strong. The secret to keeping your car in tip-top shape is that there is no secret, just a passion of cleaning and protecting your car with pious dedication, and following these handy tips:

1. Windshield Replacement

The windshield is the most important part of any car, besides the engine and the tires, and the seats, the breaks, and the sidemirrors…well, you get the point! A windshield protects the driver from the elements, and can shield the driver and passengers from flying shrapnel during an accident. Manufacturers recommend replacing the windshield blades every few months. It’s not uncommon for folks living in a shady part of town to find their vehicle was broken into or vandalized. If the windshield has been damaged during the incident, you can hire a windshield repair and replacement in Houston, Texas to replace the cracked or chipped windshield.

2. Clutch Replacement

A clutch replacement or transmission overhaul is something that most car owners try to avoid, but it’s not that bad if you’re only talking about the transmission. Two of the signs your clutch needs to be replaced is when the gears either start to slip or refuse to engage. If the meter shows that your car is only 100,000 km old, there’s no need to get the entire transmission replaced, no matter what your mechanic tells you.

3. Check the Battery

The battery of a car can last for up to two years, depending on how much it is used. One of the telltale signs your battery is about to die is when you feel a delay on startup. If you have your doubts, it’s nothing a quick visit to the auto repair shop can’t fix. Most of the newer cars use a 12-volt negative ground electrical system, so if the battery terminals are not kept clean, you are actually making it harder for the current to pass through the electrical system. You can remove the terminal caps to clean each contact post with the help of a wire brush so that they are kept clean. Do the same with the terminal caps before reattaching them to the battery.

4. Follow the 75000-km Maintenance Schedule

Try to follow a regular maintenance schedule to keep your car in good shape. Two of the primary maintenance services that are required after regular intervals is the oil and filter change. But there are also other maintenance issues that you might need to carry out such as, A/C filter cleaning, or recharging the Freon. You may also find a chip or crack in the car’s windshield that will require a rock chip repair.

5. Check the Tire Pressure

Car tires normally lose air pressure with time, but they also gain a few psi as the tire and road temperature increases. There’s a recommended tire pressure that factors in the cargo and passenger load on a car. The recommended tire pressure is usually printed on the driver’s side-door panel. But, you can also go a few points above the recommended psi, without damaging your tires. As a rule of thumb, get your tire pressure checked right after you fill a full tank, and preferably in the morning, while the tires are still cold. Also, having your tires balanced and aligned every six months will maintain even tread wear.

6. Check the Fluid

Checking the fluids of our car, such as the coolant, brake fluid, automatic transmission fuel, the windshield washer and oil each week will ensure that your car is able to run at optimal levels. Be sure that there is no significant loss in any of the fluids, except maybe for the washer fluid. If there is a significant loss of any fluid (besides the washer), it could be an indicator of a leak somewhere, and will require your car to be checked. You can do a quick DIY check by taking a look under your car to find any puddles or traces of oil or any other fluid.

7. Paint and Bodywork

There are plenty of options when it comes to waxes and polishes for your car. These waxes and polishes are far more sophisticated and can protect the paint from fading, and they are also easy to apply. If you parked your car under a tree and it was greeted by recycled blueberries, courtesy of your neighborhood pigeons, it’s nothing a wax job can’t fix, but you will need to wash the bird poop as soon as you can to avoid any further damage to your car’s paintjob.

8. Cracked Windshield Repair

Sometimes cracks and chips on the car windshield can be repaired which only leaves a light blemish on the glass, but in cases of severe impacts, the owner will find that their car needs a new windshield. Auto repair shops have come a long way. Nowadays, you can order an auto glass repair right where the car’s standing without having the need to drive all the way to the auto glass repair shop.

Ending Note

Modern cars are very reliable, but that isn’t an excuse for not maintaining your car to prolong its use. If you have a basic sense of car maintenance and use the aforementioned tips, you can make sure your car lasts for years until you finally decide to get rid of it, (or it falls to pieces). There are plenty of auto repair shops that can be utilized for auto servicing or for a windshield repair and replacement in Houston, Texas.

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