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Windshield Repair

Common FAQs About Auto Glass: Answered

Do you have questions about a damaged auto glass or a crack in your windshield? In this blog, we’ll answer some common FAQs about auto glass, especially windshields, that you will find useful:

FAQ#1: Should I get my windshield repaired or replaced?

Let’s start with the most commonly asked question: “Should I get my windshield repaired or replaced?” Well, it depends on several factors. If the crack or chip is small, around the passenger’s side, and not in the corner, it may qualify for repair. It’s also essential that the crack doesn’t obstruct the driver’s vision. However, large dents, multiple chips and cracks, and damage around the corner should not be repaired, and the windshield must be replaced with a new one.

FAQ#2: Do insurance companies cover the cost of windshield replacement?

Yes. 30% of auto insurance claims in the US are pertinent to windshields. However, the amount of coverage will depend on your insurance package. While the premium insurance package will offer complete coverage on windshield replacement, the standard package will charge a certain amount of fee. It’s best to dial your insurance provider and learn about their policy on windshield replacement.

FAQ#3: How much time does it take in a windshield replacement?

It takes a professional roughly an hour to install a new windshield in your vehicle, but you will have to wait some additional hours to allow adhesives to cure and bond with the frame. If you don’t give enough time for the windshield to settle in the frame completely, it can result in poor-fitting and will require additional work, which will waste unnecessary time and energy.

FAQ#4: Are OEM and OEE Windshield different?

Yes! An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is manufactured by the company of your original windshield glass and comes with better credibility and warranty terms. In contrast, an Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) windshield is manufactured by a different company but offer almost the same quality as OEM.

FAQ#5: Is it safe to drive with a broken windshield or damaged auto glass?

No! It can be extremely dangerous to drive with a broken windshield, especially if it’s heavily damaged and obstructs the view of the driver. According to windshield laws in Texas, “any cracks that obscure the driver’s clear view of the roadway could be grounds for a traffic stop by law enforcement.” Also, a damaged auto glass poses safety and security risk, hence it’s important to repair or replaced the damaged auto glass promptly to ensure safety and compliance with the law. If you’re looking for reliable auto glass and windshield repair and replacement services in Houston, TX, get in touch with AAR Auto Glass today! We’re a leading automotive glass company that has been serving in the auto industry for more than 30 years. Call at (832) 303-0318 to get started!  

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