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Windshield Repair

Cracks Are Whack: Why Your Windshield Cracked for No Reason

Have you ever had the misfortune of parking your car in perfect condition and noticing a huge windshield crack the next morning? It’s highly unlikely that you’d forget being in an accident if that’s what caused the damage. With a collision taking place in Houston every quarter of an hour, people are right to believe that car collisions are the primary reason why windshields break. But they’re not the only reason behind it. Windshields can crack for a number of other reasons too—and fortunately, situations that are not as dangerous as being in a car accident. Here are some common culprits that can cause windshield cracks.

Poor Installation

Remember the last time you cashed your car insurance to pay a hefty sum for a windshield replacement? The price quote is not always a testament to the quality of the service. There’s no dearth of fraud in the auto glass industry and you could’ve been scammed too. Poor installation tends to show signs after some time has passed. Unexpected damage to the windshield is a usual consequence of poor windshield replacement service. Improperly installed windshields can get loose soon enough and become vulnerable to vibrations while on the go. This can cause stress cracks that could’ve been easily avoided if the installation was done by reliable professionals.

Weather Changes

Changes in weather conditions can cause the glass to expand and contract erratically. These rapid changes in the glass are happening differently across the entire surface; the edges expand or shrink faster than the center. This can weaken the structure and cause the glass to crack. If not the weather, temperature changes initiated by your car’s heater can inflict the same damage. One way to avoid such situations is to park your car in a garage where the temperature is relatively controlled and the car isn’t under direct sunlight or snow.

Pressure Changes

Resting heaving objects on the roof of your car is probably not the best idea. Avoid chugging your luggage on top or parking your car under a tree where a branch could fall anytime. The pressure can also cause stress damage to your windshield. Similarly, air pressure from strong gusts of wind during a storm is also bad for your windshield. Postpone your travel plans if the weather forecast brings bad news; you don’t want to risk your windshield over a trip. But if your windshield has cracked already, we can repair it in no time with guaranteed quality of service. We offer windshield repair in Houston for all such emergency situations. Contact us at (832) 303-0318 for a quick quote.      

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