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Auto Glass Repair

Understanding Windshield Glass Repair Methods

Your car’s windshield can be damaged by the small rocks and debris that hit it while you’re driving. This can result in small cracks, and your windshield glass can chip off. If the size of the crack is small and it is just on the outer layer of the glass, then it can be easily repaired. Here is a short guide for you to understand windshield glass repair methods.

1. Windshield Patch

You can find DIY kits in your nearby stores to repair your windshield. However, an auto glass repair specialist won’t recommend this repair method because it isn’t durable. If you have a small crack, you can add the sealant that comes with the kit and paste the patch over it to keep it protected. It hardens the sealant preventing the crack from spreading further. It holds the chipped glass together to avoid any more damage.

2. Resin

The outer glass and inner glass layers are sandwiched together with a resin layer known as polyvinyl butyral (PVB). The outer layer of the glass can be easily repaired if it shatters. A special and curable resin formula is injected into the outer glass to fix the crack and smoothen the surface keeping the glass’s visibility intact. Any dust or debris needs to be removed from the surface before repairing the windscreen, using a vacuum to suck them out. When the resin is injected, it is hardened using UV light to strengthen the auto glass.

When Do You Need To Replace The Windshield?

However, if the glass has more than two cracks and the cracks are deep, your windshield would require a replacement. Even though a replacement is a significant investment, it is essential to keep yourself safe while driving. Any cracks or chips can allow the windscreen to shatter even if there is a small impact, endangering your life.

Don’t Waste Any Time! Get It Repaired Immediately.

Repairs also need to be maintained regularly to avoid any further damage to your auto glass. As the windshield supports your car’s roof and protects you from being thrown out of the vehicle during an accident, it is crucial that it be of high-quality in order to function properly. It also keeps you safe from the small rocks and flying debris when you are driving. So, you need to get your windshield repaired immediately when you notice any kind of cracks or leaks. You can contact us for professional auto glass repair and replacement services in Houston. We provide extremely affordable rates, and our technicians can guide you if you aren’t sure whether you need a repair or replacement for your auto glass. You can call us at 832-3030-0318 for a free quote.

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