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Windshield Repair

To Fix Or Replace: How Do You Decide Your Damaged Windshield Needs Repair Or Replacement

Sometimes, we’re so busy enjoying the view outside that we ignore the medium through which we’re looking at it. You can’t enjoy the sight of a beautiful lawn if the glass is cracked or damaged. Similarly, the windshield of our car is a window to the world. If there’s a chip or crack in the glass, you need to get it fixed immediately. But this begs the question: should you go for windshield repairs or replacement. Before making this big decision, there are several questions you need to ask.

Does it affect visibility?

This factor is the most important, as the primary function of a windshield is for the driver to view the outside world. A crack in the windshield can affect the driver’s visibility or may be directly in their line of sight. In this case, you need to replace the entire windshield. Also, if there are over three cracks on the glass or tiny divots cover the windshield, then it needs to be replaced as well.

What is the size?

Those who say size doesn’t matter have never seen a windshield crack. If the crack’s 12 inches or less in length and 1 inch or less in width, it can be easily sealed using an adhesive or glue. If it’s longer than 14 inches and wider than 3 inches, the windshield needs to be replaced. A more straightforward and practical method is to use a dollar bill, and if it covers the crack, there’s no need to replace the windshield.

Is the damage surface level or deeper?

  If the crack has only appeared on the surface of the glass, it’ll only damage the outer layer, which you can quickly seal. However, if the crack’s reached the inner layer of glass, then it can no longer be fixed and the windshield needs to be entirely replaced. Deeper cracks allow moisture, dirt or small debris particles to enter the inner glass and obstruct the driver’s line of sight, thereby, becoming a safety hazard.

What is the position of the crack?

Cracks or chips at the end of the frame necessitate that the windshield is replaced, as vibrations can cause them to spread and weaken the structural integrity of the glass, which is a major safety hazard. A windshield provides 60% of a vehicle’s structural strength in case it rolls over during an accident, so replacing it is of the utmost importance. Suppose you caught a chip in your windshield and repaired it in time—more power to you. But if a crack’s overlooked or ignored, it will continue to grow until the whole windshield needs to be replaced. For cheap windshield replacement, call us at (832) 303-0318. At AAR Autoglass, our trained and certified technicians offer 24 hours and home service for windshield repair and replacement in Houston. There are enough chips in real life, let us handle the ones in your automobile windshield for you.

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