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Why You Should Weatherproof Your Windshield This Winter

With winter just around the corner, the time for preparing your car’s windshield has come! Contrary to popular belief, your windshield isn’t merely a piece of glass; it’s a crucial component for maintaining your car’s structural strength and one of the most important safety functions of your vehicle. It protects you from elements and shields you from flying road debris and wind. Unfortunately, many people disregard that windshields require special care during the winter and end up paying the price in the form of cracked or damaged windshields. Here’s why you should weatherproof your windshield this winter!

Protects your windshield wipers

Don’t underestimate the role that windshield wipers play in affecting your visibility on the road. Harsh weather conditions, especially the kind that you find in the winter, can compromise the quality of your wipers. In order to increase their longevity, we suggest that you weatherproof your windshield before winter comes along. Your wipers will have to work overtime to wipe the snow and rain away from your windshield, and if they are damaged, road safety would be a real concern for you. As a rule of thumb, always remember that you should consider replacing your windshield wipers every six months. That’s because damaged windshields can severely damage your windshield, leaving scratches and impairing your vision.

Increases visibility

It wouldn’t be an understatement to claim that the condition of your windshield directly impacts your safety on the road. Lack of visibility is a common problem when driving in the snow. The number of accidents that occur in the United States due to weather conditions is further evidence of that. Dirt build-up both inside and outside the windshield can impair your vision, which is why it’s essential that you clean your windshield on a regular basis. Due to the heavy snowfall in the winter, the shift in temperature can potentially damage your windshield, especially if the snow turns to ice on your windshield.

Weatherproofing your windshield

Before you start the process of weatherproofing your windshield, make sure you scan your windshield for cracks. It’s vital that cracks are repaired before you apply any rain repellant to weatherproof your windshield. While you may be tempted to switch on the heater as soon as you enter your car in the winter, avoid doing that all costs! This protects your windshield from cracking as the ice present on your windshield can cause damage due to the rapid change in temperature. If you’re looking to take adequate measures to ensure road safety in the winter, reach out to the representatives of AAR Auto Glass. We provide one of the best auto glass repairs and windshield repair services in Houston. Having been in this business for 30 years, we understand your concerns and value your time, which is why most of our windshield replacements take less than 30 minutes! Call us now at (832) 303-0318!

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