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3 Car Care Tips for Spring Break Road Trips

No matter your spring break destination, you’ll need your car in its best shape to get you and your friends/family there and back. A car is a long-term investment and while it can be a place of sheer joy, especially during the spring break, it’s advised that you maintain it so that it can continue to bring you joy. While following a regular maintenance routine is crucial, it’s even more important when you want to take road trips with friends and/or family. After all, a safe trip without unnecessary road bumps is a happy trip. To help you prepare your car for spring break road trips, here are our top 3 car care tips to facilitate an awesome hassle-free spring break.

Check Your Tire Pressure

While a lot of vehicles these days will have an automatic tire pressure monitoring system, you should still check it manually to be sure. Having low pressure in your tires not only means you travel fewer miles on more gas but also your tires are at risk of damage and blow-out. Over-inflation also reduces your tire’s performance. To do this on your own, it’s best to invest in a nice tire pressure gauge.

Check your car battery

The first step here is to clean your battery terminals. You can easily use a rag to wipe it with some detergent. You want to also inspect your battery for bulges and/or cracks as this could mean your battery needs replacing before your big Spring Break road trip.

Clean your windshield and repair or replace if necessary

When your windshield is dirty it will make it difficult to travel a long distance, especially on crowded roads like highways where you need to be able to see traffic and road signs both clearly and quickly. Without cleaning, the dirt buildup can cause damage. This is especially the case with rock chips that can nick your glass and cause damage. If you don’t clean your windshield and invest in rock chip repair in Houston, your windshield wipers can even force dirt into the chip, further damaging it. Make sure to follow these three key car care tips and you are set from a car standpoint to have an awesome road trip for spring break!

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