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How to Take Care of Your Windshield after Replacement?

Like any other concerned car owner, you too must be wondering about which precautions to take in order to care of your newly replaced windshield. The windshield replacement company may have done an excellent job installing the new windshield, but now you must help it stay that way. After all, it’s a considerable investment, and the insurance company won’t reimburse you for inefficient handling. Therefore, a little extra care can go a long way. Keep your windshield in excellent working condition to ensure it works for a long time. Immediately after the windshield replacement service in Houston, TX, you’ll need to follow these steps.

Avoid Using the Vehicle Immediately

These days almost everyone is in a rush to get somewhere or do something, but if you’ve recently gotten a window replacement, you need to stay put for at least an hour. When installing new windows, technicians use adhesives to secure them in place. Immediately driving after an installation service will tamper with the adhesive holding the glass. The same goes for slamming the door shut. Any movement can cause the windshield to move from its place. This can cause future problems or may even require another visit to the auto glass replacement company.

Don’t touch the windshield area

You must be cautious when dealing with your car during the first 24 hours of a windshield replacement service. It’s essential to keep the dashboard clean and free of any objects, as these objects tend to push against the glass, compromising its fitting. Another thing to look out for is the adhesive tape that your replacement expert puts on the edge of your windshield to prevent it from moving. Avoid touching this tape for at least two days. This ensures that the adhesive dries perfectly, and its seal is in place.

Avoid car washes

It’s a no-brainer that you’ll need to stay away from car washes for a while. Water pressing against the windshield will cause it to loosen and can tamper with the adhesive’s drying process. During the first two days, you should consider washing your car by hand using a damp cloth and applying slight pressure to the windshield glass. A window replacement may have cost you a considerable amount of money; therefore, you should take care of it to ensure a long-term investment.   We at AAR Auto Glass deal in auto glass repair and replacement for the locals in Huston, TX. Providing very affordable rates, our expert technicians can guide you if you aren’t sure whether you need a repair or replacement for your auto glass. They can also give you tips on how to take care of it after it’s been replaced. Call us at 832-3030-0318 for a free quote.

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