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A Brief History of The Windshield

Our windshield is one of the most important components of our vehicle. When speaking of the history of windshields, it is important to first recognize that they weren’t always the enormous glass structures they are today. Traditionally, vehicles did not come with windshields, they were more of an additional item one could purchase.

Moreover, in the olden times, windshields did not serve the protective purposes they do today. During the 1900s, people started to use glass panes to shield themselves from strong winds, but this was extremely unsafe. They were susceptible to shattering and caused injuries to drivers.

So how did the windshield come from being a luxury item to standard equipment present in all modern vehicles today?

Earlier times

Before modern vehicles were introduced, horse carriages were used and they did not offer any protection to drivers from strong weather or flying debris. The notion of actually having a transparent protective element installed in vehicles did not exist until 1904. Initially, windshields were only made out of double sheets of windowpane glass material. Though these windshields shielded drivers against strong winds and flying debris to some extent, they weren’t entirely safe. Oldsmobile is said to have made them mandatory across all their cars in the year 1915.

These earlier developments attracted the attention of many automakers and encouraged them to provide windshields as standard components in cars as well. Reputable French artist Edouard Benedictus created the laminated glass used for most windshields today. It provided structure and durability, and protected drivers from severe accidents. The late 1930s saw the invention of tempered glass too, another important material used for windshields today. Windshield wipers on the other hand, were created in the year 1916 by a woman named Mary Anderson. These significantly upgraded the windshields.

The modern era

Nowadays, windshield installation is seen as a great part of the windshield technology itself. Manufacturers use supreme quality materials to make windshields. Since the 19th century, windshields have developed significantly and have seen major advancements. The early 1990s saw the rise of the auto industry in America when it started to incorporate windshields in their vehicle manufacturing.

The auto glass industry today is rapidly developing, and aims to offer windshields of optimal quality. Some modern developments include windshields that provide sun protection, heat absorption, and automatic windshield wipers that have created self-cleaning windshields.

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