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Windshield Replacement

Car Windshield Replacement FAQS

If that girl in the picture knew any better, she’d keep her head in the car! That’s because the windshield works as a shield, keeping the occupants of a car safe from the wind, rain, flying debris, and even insects that spat on the glass rather than your face when you drive through the countryside. Since a car’s windshield works as a shield, it’s important to make sure that it is kept clean and does not have any chips or cracks. If you do find that the windshield has been marked by small chips and cracks, it is crucial for you to get it fixed as soon as possible. You can easily get that with a windshield repair and replacement in Houston, Texas. But, before you do, here are some things you need to know about getting your auto glass fixed. Do You Need Windshield Repair or Replacement? This is a question that most car owners find themselves asking as soon as they spot a chip or crack in the windshield. The best way of knowing whether your windshield requires a rock chip repair or a full-blown windshield replacement is by doing the following: Place a dollar bill beside the chip or crack. If the size of the damage is smaller than the dollar bill, it is possible that the auto glass can be repaired. If the damage is larger, then you will need to get the windshield replaced. The good news is that auto glass repair services also provide a mobile service if your car needs a new windshield. So, rather than having to drive to the auto glass repair service, you can call them to you and they will replace the windshield at your home, office or wherever your car’s standing. Should You Go for OEM or OEE Auto Glass? When it comes to automobiles, OEM basically stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. As the name implies, this means the auto glass is exactly the same as the original windshield you bought the car with. While this option may seem attractive, it also costs a lot more than the second option. This will be the OEE auto glass, which stands for Original Equipment Equivalent. You may have figured out the difference. OEE means that the part that you are going to replace in your car with is not from the original manufacturer, but comes pretty close. That being said, most car owners go for an OEE auto glass to replace their windshield with mainly because there’s not much difference between the two, despite being an alternative to the original windshield. This is because the OEE auto glass follows the same safety, industrial and federal standards as the original windshield manufacturers, so you can rest assured that you and your family are going to be safe behind the windshield. How Long Does the Windshield Repair or Replacement Take? The time of a windshield repair or replacement in Houston, Texas will ultimately depend on the severity of the damage that has been done to the windshield. Normally, an auto glass repair takes half an hour or less, while a windshield replacement can take up to one hour to ensure that the auto glass has been placed properly and is fixed firmly into position. The duration of the repair time will also depend on whether you choose to drive the car to the auto glass repair service or you order a mobile repair service to get the windshield replaced. It is however, recommended that the car is not driven for at least up to one hour after the repair or replacement service has been carried out for your safety. If I Choose a Mobile Repair Service, Does it Need to be Indoors? Thanks to the advancements in technology, auto glass repair services can be carried out at remote locations, and does not require the car owner to drive their vehicle all the way to the repair facility. While auto repair providers offer mobile service in cases where you need a windshield repair and replacement in Houston, Texas carrying out any repair or replacement procedure in inclement weather conditions will not only be difficult for the auto glass repair service, but could also lead to minor problems in the fitting of the windshield later on. This is why it is best to find a covered area to park your car, such as a parking lot, so that the windshield repair or replacement can be carried out without any hindrance from the elements. What about the Rear-View Mirror? Some cars have their rear-view mirrors attached to the windshield. Hiring a professional technician such as AAR Auto Glass means that you will get an auto glass technician who has the experience and expertise to remove the damaged windshield and attach the rear-view mirror to the newly installed windshield without a hitch! With the Chip or Crack Be Visible After the Repair Service? Unfortunately, repairing a chipped or cracked windshield will not have the same effect as getting the damaged auto glass replaced. A rock chip repair is only used to prevent any further damage to the windshield and not for restoring its glossy look. While every damage to the windshield is not the same, there will however, be a slight blemish or imperfection where the chip or crack was repaired, even in the most successful repair services. But, if you are worried about the way your chipped or cracked windshield is going to look after the rock chip repair, it will certainly look a lot better than having an unattractive chip or crack on an otherwise sparkling windshield, which will also be an improvement to the prior damage. However, if you want to go for an auto glass replacement, then you can have a brand-new glass that looks just like the first day you drove your wheels. So, there you have it. These are just some of the questions that you need to ask yourself before getting a windshield repair or replacement in Houston, Texas.   Save

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