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Windshield of a car
Windshield Replacement

Does My Windshield Need Repair or a Replacement?

If you’ve been driving for a while, you might have experienced a small stone or two hitting your windshield. Usually, these stones don’t cause any damage, but on some occasions, they can result in a crack. If that happens you may be wondering if you can get the crack fixed or if the windshield will need replacing. There’s no one answer to this. Check out the factors that determine whether a windshield has to be repaired or replaced.

The Length of the Crack

When determining whether to repair or replace a damaged windshield, the length of the windshield crack is a key factor.

Small Cracks 3 Inches or Less

3 inches or less damage, like chips from small rocks are small and easily fixable. These small cracks are usually caused by small stones and debris colliding with the windscreen while traveling at high speeds.

Big Cracks—-Web-Shaped

In contrast to small chips, big cracks on the windshield are more noticeable in size and get bigger over time, depending on the weather. The cracks can expand due to exposure to sunlight and moisture. It’s best to not drive your car until you get the windshield replaced.

How Deep Is The Windshield Damage?

The decision to replace or repair the windshield also depends on how deep the damage is. A windshield is made up of two layers of glass with a layer of plastic in between. It’s necessary to replace the windshield if the crack goes through both glass layers. Damage to just the top layer is reparable. A newly installed windshield

Where is the Damage?

Finally, the decision to replace or repair the windscreen depends on where the damage actually is. If the damage affects the driver’s line of sight, replacement is required. If the damage was caused by a rollover, the windshield must be replaced since it cannot support a heavy car. If the damage extends to the windshield’s sides or interferes with the vehicle’s sensors, replacing the windshield is advised. For safe and reliable windshield installation or replacement in Houston, get in touch with AAR Auto Glass. We are a professional glass repair company and auto windshield replacement service provider. Our team of auto glass repair specialistsprovides premium-quality services at affordable prices. Contact us for 24/7 mobile auto glass services.

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