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Auto Glass Replacement

Don’t Neglect Your Sunroof! 4 Reasons Why Sunroof Repairs Are Important

When we talk about auto glass, the first two things that come to mind are windows and windshields. One of the often ignored parts of auto glass is the sunroof, which requires just as much care as the other glass components. Just like windows and windshields, sunroof is also prone—even more so—to scratches, rock chips and cracks. Ignoring these issues can lead to a variety of problems. Here, we discuss the most common ones!

1. Security Hazard

A broken sunroof is likely going to make your car a target of car theft. If you’re parking your car on the street or in an unsecured place, the damaged roof will allow the thieves easy access to your car.

2. Dust and Debris Buildup

Cracks can easily lead to the buildup of dust and sand so the sunroof that once made driving fun with light and wind gushing in, will now be a nuisance. In addition, dust can cause health problems such as allergies and skin rashes, especially if you’re driving every day. The trapped dust may not look like a big deal but it can cause a huge drop in your car’s value and aesthetic.

3. Seeping Water

                                                          Sunroofs are designed in a way that allows the water falling on the roof to drain through the corners and then flow down via tubes. Any damage to the glass or surrounding areas will leave you with water seeping on the insides of the car. This means that you can’t park your car out in the open or take it for a wash unless the problem’s fixed. Moreover, the leaking water will also cause damage to the seats of the car as well as internal components.  

4. High Repair Cost

If you ignore the repair for too long, the damage will only increase, which means that your repair costs will also amplify. From damage to car seats from direct sunlight exposure to rattling sunroof, your expenses will double. An additional con of ignoring sunroof repair is that the broken sunroof won’t do you any favors when you need to sell the car. Typically, sunroofs are supposed to enhance the value as they act as an additional feature; however, the damage will render it useless. This is why you need to pay attention to any damage to the sunroof. If you’re looking to get the glass replaced and are based in Houston, bring your car to us. We offer professional best auto glass repair Houston with 30 years of expertise on our belt. You can learn more about it here!    

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