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Is a Sunroof Worth the Investment?

All around the world, a sunroof is a symbol of freedom and openness. In countless movies, characters rise out of their sunroofs as a sign of their liberation. In recent years, sunroofs have become a staple of modern cars. About 40% of cars sold in the United States in 2017 came with a sunroof, an increase from 33% in 2011. This statistic highlights the rapid pace at which sunroofs are being an essential part of a vehicle. However, are sunroofs worth the investment? We’ll break down some of the benefits and drawbacks.

Benefits of Sunroofs

  • Openness:Since cars are a completely enclosed space, sunroofs provide you with a degree of openness that you otherwise wouldn’t have.
  • Noise and Ventilation:Sunroofs provide the car with less noise than traditional windows. Thus, having the sunroof open would be less distracting than having windows open. Furthermore, having the sunroof open considerably helps the ventilation of the car.
  • Appearance: Although it’s a matter of opinion, sunroofs alter a car’s appearance, and many car owners prefer the confident style sunroofs provide their cars. Additionally, sunroofs give you the chance to look directly above the air while the car is in motion, a unique characteristic which many are prepared to pay additionally for.

Disadvantages of Sunroofs

  • Safety:There has been concern regarding how safe sunroofs There are have been multiple news stories that recalled instances were passengers were thrown out of the sunroof and subsequently paralyzed.
  Additionally, in the US, there is a lack of meaningful regulations when it comes to sunroofs. In the past five years, around 250 people were killed, and 500 people were injured in sunroof related accidents. However, car manufacturers have taken steps to make sunroofs safer and more secure.
  • Fuel Efficiency:Because sunroofs are quite massive, they’re not as fuel-efficient as regular cars. The more massive a car gets, the less fuel-efficient it is. Since sunroofs are not essential, it wouldn’t make sense to get a sunroof added if you don’t plan on regularly using them.
  • Effect of Outside Climate:Since sunroofs usually use glass material for the sunroofs, they’re not as good at insulating temperature than regular car roofs. Therefore, you’re likely to feel temperatures more acutely with a sunset installed. Additionally, sunroofs decline with age and therefore, could become problematic as the car becomes older. There’s a significant risk of leaky roofs when it rains. If sunroofs are not adequately maintained, it could cause you a lot of frustration.
It’s up to the car owner whether they want a sunroof installed in their car. They must weigh the risks and advantages and decide. If you would like services on damaged sunroof glass or need assistance with any other type of auto glass repair in Houston, visit AAR Auto Glass. Contact us here to get a free quote.

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