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Windshield Replacement

Repair or Replace Your Auto Windshield? Let’s Figure Out!

If your vehicle was recently damaged, especially in a car accident, it might mandate a windshield repair or replacement stat. Looking for cheap windshield replacement? Here at AAR Auto Glass, we can repair most windshield chips successfully. However, if there is a crack longer than 3 inches, we might have to replace it altogether. You can count on us to ensure the structural integrity of your vehicle as well as the safety of its passengers, as we take great care across each windshield replacement. When deciding between windshield repair and replacement, our experts consider the following factors:
  • Size of damage: Chips larger than 3/8 of an inch as well as any cracks more than 3 inches long will generally mandate a complete windshield replacement service.
  • Location of damage: If there is visible splintering with the cracks, you’ll need to replace. These splinters will only spread if neglected. And it will hamper your line of vision when driving.
  • Time span: The longer you ignore the chips and cracks, the more dirt is likely to build up in them. Soon it becomes impossible to repair them and replacement is the only option left.
Here at AAR Auto Glass, we work with some of the leading insurance carriers, so you can get quick and effective windshield replacement services. However, it would be a good idea to get in touch with your local agent to verify if you have windshield damage covered.

Repairing First – This is what you Need To Know!

If your windshield is prime prospect for a repair job, here’s the good news:
  • Cost savings: windshield repair in TX is quite affordable. Our prices start around $50.
  • Green Practice: repairs save money, and also the environment. Many auto glass shops in TX recycle as well.
  • Safety: you can rest assured that auto glass repair technicians will dependably repair the windshield without compromising on the superior factory seal, or the structural integrity of the glass.
  • Quality: repairing ensures that the original quality of the factory fitting remains intact.

What to Know When It’s Time to Replace

If your windshield disqualifies for a repair job, it’s time to get a replacement windshield. Ask the technicians about your options and their service techniques to ensure your complete satisfaction from the upcoming windshield repair job. Here at AAR Auto Glass we hold ourselves to the highest standards of repair and replacement services! Learn more about our services here!

Payment Disclosure

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