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Safety Tips

Tips for Driving Safely on Wet Roads

Nothing’s more joyous than the sound of heavy rain. Ah, the joy of sitting by your window and enjoying a hot cup of coffee. It’s true that rain is among the many joys of nature and an ultimate therapy for our moods. However, this rain can be life-threatening for drivers, if appropriate safety rules aren’t followed. Weather-related crashes account for 21% of road accidents in the U.S. every year. So how do you make sure you’re not risking the safety of your loved ones? The answer lies in this blog! We’ve compiled a list of tips for driving on wet roads to make sure you never become a victim of weather-related incidents.

— Drive Slow

First things first, don’t rush! No matter how late you’re getting for work, don’t drive fast. Slow driving is the only way to prevent your vehicle from hydroplaning. It’s also important to remember that the most perilous time for driving is when it starts to rain, as the roads are excessively slick during that moment. It’s better to wait for the rain to wash away the oil on the roadway so that your vehicle doesn’t skid while driving.

— Drive Smarter

The best way to ensure your safety during rain is by altering your driving strategy. Always keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you as you never know when it might spin out. Drive your vehicle at a speed that doesn’t cause you to lose control in an event of hydroplaning.

— Don’t Use Cruise Control

While cruise control helps you keep your speed under control, it does quite the opposite during rain. In an event of hydroplaning, a cruise control actually causes your vehicle to go faster, making it difficult for you to control it.

— Keep Your Vehicle Headlights On

Visibility becomes an issue during heavy rain—a reason why you should always turn on your headlights. Even if you’re driving in broad daylight, there’s no harm in going an extra mile to ensure your safety. And while we’re talking about preventative measures, don’t forget to keep your windshield wiper in working condition, as they come in handy during the rainy days. Nonetheless, if you have been in an accident in the middle of the road, fret not as AAR Auto Glass has you covered! With our mobile repair service, our technicians will reach you anywhere, anytime! With our 24 hour repair service, we make sure you’re never left stranded with a broken windshield! Request a free quote for our services or call us at 832-303-0318!

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