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Windshield Repair

4 Tell-Tale Signs Your Windshield Wipers Need Replacement

What if you had to get out of your car and wipe your windshields every time dirt and debris settled on it? Thankfully, Mary Anderson realized this need just in time and patented the ‘window cleaning device’ or windshield wipers as we know them today. Windshield wipers simplify your life to a great extent and allow you to have clear road visibility even if you’re driving through a thunderstorm. However, beat up windshield wipers can do more damage than good to your windshield. Ill-fitted or poor quality wipers can scratch the windshield, pushing you to seek a car glass repair service. This blog summarizes signs that can help you assess if your windshield wipers need to be replaced.

Loud Screeching Sounds

The only sound your car should be making is when the engine is running. Apart from that, all kinds of sounds are a sign that something is wrong with your car. Similarly, if your windshield wipers start making a loud screeching noise, it means it’s time to replace them. Wipers make this noise when the outer rubber covering of the wiper blades wears out. This leaves the metal part of the frame exposed, damaging the windshield whenever it comes into contact with it. As soon as you hear this sound, know that it’s time to call your local car glass repair in Houston.

Before Winter Season

As soon as the first wave of winter hits your city, change your windshield wipers. The frigid snow sets on the windshield and often refuses to move. Standard windshield wipers are no match for the stubborn ice on your windshield. Instead, replace your current windshield wipers with wipers that are specifically designed to bear and clear out the ice from your windshield.

Skipping Wipers

Skipping wipers can be a cause of nuisance for many drivers. Wipers that skip can be caused because of dried out rubber. Before you head out to get your windshield wipers replaced, try fixing it with a glass sealant to help the wipers move smoothly. Or you can check and clean the wipers, see if they’re bent in any place or are sitting at the wrong angle. If the problem persists, you can get your windshield wipers replaced as skipping wipers tend to noisy and don’t do the job well.

Streaks Forming On Windshield

Streak formation can result from using a short piece of cloth for cleaning or even using an ammonia glass cleaner, or even because of a dirty wiper blade. You can clean the blade with some cleaning solution and a soft microfiber cloth. However, if the streaking persists, this means they’re probably worn out and need to be replaced. A pair of windshield wipers of a good company and can last you between a few months to almost a year. Our auto glass specialists at AAR Auto Glass recommend that you take the time to inspect and replace your windshield wipers as damaged ones can lead to scratches beyond repair.  

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