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Safety Tips

Tips to Prolong the Life of your Wiper Blades

Imagine being on a road trip with friends after working for months on end, only to find out that your wiper blades are stuck during a sudden downpour or when a splash of mud spreads across your windshield. This is a common nightmare situation for people living in tropical monsoon climates! Wipers enable us to see during rainfall and snowfall, and get rid of dirt and dust on the windshield. They are a key feature of all vehicles that keeps us safe and gives us confidence on the road. That’s why some simple, regular maintenance needs to be carried out to extend the life of your vehicle’s wiper blades.  

Keep them Clean

Make it a routine to clean your wiper blades every other day to keep dirt and debris away. Washing your car twice a month in the summer and more often in cold or rainy seasons is also a good idea. A clean windshield will go a long way in preserving your wiper blades. Consider making it a habit to clean your windshield with cleaner and a squeegee whenever you stop by a gas station. Dirty windshields are one of the reasons for gunk build-up in the rubber of the blades.  

Prevent Ice Build-up

If you’re one of those people who regularly defrost ice build-ups using wipers, it’s time you stop. This only encourages the now cold, dry rubber to crack and break away, resulting in a lower lifespan. An easier way to defrost is by turning on the defroster and scratching the ice with the help of a scraper. For the wipers to survive all season, make sure to keep them free from ice, dirt, and snow.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

If you’re looking for ways to extend the life of your wiper blades, avoid leaving your car out in the hot sun and find a shaded place to park instead. Heat causes the blade’s rubber to dry up and crack, resulting in deterioration.  

Check the Rubber

Wipers that produce a high-pitched screeching sound have rubber that’s worn and needs replacement. If you notice them dragging across the windshield, it’s a surefire sign that the rubber needs to be swapped out. You can postpone the need for a new set by inspecting the rubber every now and then. Sandpaper can also be used to remove rough spots if the damage isn’t too bad. Wiper blades are a must for places that frequently deal with harsh weather conditions. A malfunctioning wiper can lead to accidents which can be easily avoided with these maintenance tips. If you’re stuck on a road with a broken or worn out wiper blade, don’t hesitate to call us at 832-303-0318. At AAR Auto Glass, we serve both individual and commercial car owners with a variety of auto repair services, including windshield repair, car window tinting, and rock chip repairs in Houston, TX.

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