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Windshield Repair

What 2021 Brings to The Windshield Market

The automotive industry consistently keeps technologically advancing their products to provide better driving experiences. Safety, comfort, efficiency, and automobile performance have been greatly enhanced through these advancements.

Glass is a significant part of all vehicles, leading to multiple technological leaps in automotive glassmaking as well. Here’s a list of some key car glass developments in 2021:

Display projection

Display projection was once a trademark of high-class military aircrafts. This technology has trickled down into the consumer automotive world as well. Drivers can now pair their smartphone with their car’s windscreen while they’re driving. This enhances safety and productivity since the driver can now view maps and other driver-assistance apps without being distracted from the road.

Panoramic windshields

Uninhibited views of the road are necessary while driving. Tesla came out with Model X that has a 31 square feet panoramic windshield—the first in the world. Natural light is abundant as almost the entire roof of the car is transparent. Solar tinting protects the passengers from excessive light. You can now enjoy the starry night sky from the comfort from your car.

Gorilla glass

An adaptation from Corning smartphone screens—this special, extra-strong glass claims to be resistant to breakage and scratches. It’s a long lasting and cost-efficient material to use in windshields and windows. Impact from hailstorms, debris, and stones is easily withstood by gorilla glass.

It’s lightweight, which saves fuel, energy, and reduces carbon monoxide emissions. This environmentally friendly glass’s display is around three times sharper and brighter than regular car glass.

Silver embedded glass

Volkswagen takes safety to new heights with this silver embedded glass. Parked cars can become unbearably hot in when the glass traps the sun’s heat. The presence of silver in glass can reduce heat by reflecting around 60% of the sun’s rays.

On the other hand, the presence of silver allows vehicles to be heated much faster in winters because of its nature as a good conductor for electricity. This also melts snow off the screen much faster.

Auto glass replacement service in Houston

AAR Auto Glass is there to offer you its services in replacing any damaged windshield in your car. Not all of us can afford gorilla glass windows, so we provide 24-hour auto glass repair services for chips and cracks in your windshield. We also provide auto glass window tint services.

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